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DLP Projector Rentals - Is One Right For You?

DLP Projector Rentals

How DLP Technology Works

DLP stands for Digital Light Processing. Older DLP-based projectors use metal-halide lamps combined with a color wheel. The mechanical color wheel is placed between the lamp and the DLP chip(s). The wheel is divided into multiple sections. Older models only use the three primary colors: red, green and blue, while newer projectors take advantage of the secondary colors as well: magenta, yellow, and cyan. This enables the projector to have a broader spectrum of color (This new color performance is called BrilliantColor). The chip is synched with the color wheel so that the current color of the wheel that is in front of the lamp is displayed on the DMD (digital micromirror device). The mirrors oscillate back and forth, either directing light to or away from the lens path to turn the pixel on or off. Each mirror relates to a single pixel. The wheel rotates at a high-rate (up to 10 times the frame rate) so observers can see the full color.

Improvements in DLP Technology

DLP models either offer single chip or three chip projectors. The difference is that in three chip applications, each primary color is sent to its own DLP chip, instead of all colors being sent to a single chip.

A big complaint associated with DLP is something called the "rainbow effect" where red, green, or blue 'shadows' that can sometimes be seen in high contrast or fast moving images. Newer DLP projectors are using high-power LEDs or even lasers for illumination, which eliminate the need for the rotating color wheel, which in-turn eliminates this "rainbow effect".

Best Applications for DLP

Cinema projection and full motion video is the best use for DLP. DLP offers smoother, consistent picture usually due to its high pixel "fill factor" or color saturation. Since DLP have high contrast ratios and efficient use of light. High contrast ratios means better white and black levels, which is more realistic looking in dark colored projection (like a night scene in a movie). DLP often has a longer life span and a more compact, lightweight design.

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