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Rentacomputer.com is the Original

Computer Rental Dot Com Company

Look for the Tech Travel Agent logo to find the original, Rentacomputer.com. Rentacomputer.com is an internet pioneer in the computer rental industry.

There are many companies out there with rentacomputer in their name. Some companies try to fool people by making their name close to Rentacomputer.com, they have names like rentcomputers.com, rentalcomputer.com and rentacomputers.com.

Dinosaur Rent a computerSome companies have extensions to the Rentacomputer name, their name includes an animal or reptile. (Like Dinosaur or Frog Rentacomputer). Why would anyone serious about renting computers include frogs or dinosaurs in their name?

Other companies use dashes in the name like rent-a-computer and then use a com or net extension.

Everyone wants to fool you into thinking that they are the original Rentacomputer.com. But there is only one true Rentacomputer.com.

So make sure you type R E N T A C O M P U T E R . C O M (with no spaces), to get the right computer rental company.

Rentacomputer.com is the one true original multi-vendor nationwide, worldwide computer rental company that offers the lowest best price on high quality computer rental equipment.

Tech Travel Agents from Rentacomputer.com book computer rentals and AV Technology installations in the United States, Canada and the UK. Computer rental and AV Technology without any frogs, bats or even antelope.

Contact a Tech Travel Agent via email at rentals@Rentacomputer.com or call toll free 800-736-8772. See here for more information on computer rentals or AV Technology visits.

John Beagle is a technology writer for Xponex Web and Media Services. Phone 513-422-1907 extension 2.