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Reasons to Rent a Laptop When Traveling

Laptop Rentals for Business Travel When traveling on business or pleasure, its important to keep in mind that traveling with your own laptop might not be the best idea. Instead a Laptop Rental can be a better choice for several reasons, especially for airline travel. In today's airports, with all the heightened security, it can be troublesome to deal with all the regulations that involve your laptop. Its for these reasons that most business travelers are turning to laptop rentals because they can be delivered right to their destination. Getting a laptop rental with Wi-Fi capabilities and software already loaded on can give you peace of mind and you wont miss a beat.

Theft and Damage

One of the most important reasons for renting a laptop when traveling is eliminating the risk of theft, damage and loss. With all the airport security, there is no telling who has potential access to your laptop or who may be tampering with it. A recent survey revealed that in US airports some 10,000 laptops are lost every week. Some airports require passengers to check all their luggage and leave you unable to protect your laptop. Not only that, but so many people handle your luggage that the possibility of the laptop being damaged is fairly high.

Data Security

In addition to the physical theft of your laptop is the theft of the data on your laptop. If you have sensitive business data on your laptop, then you place it at risk by taking it to an airport. Some businesses prohibit their employees to travel with company laptops for this reason. You may think that renting a laptop will restrict your ability to access important information that was stored on your personal laptop. This is not always the case. By utilizing a flash drive or other online storage services, you can have all your data without risking your laptop.

The Rental Solution

By renting a laptop from Rentacomputer you not only get the equipment you need, ready for use at your destination, but you also get the peace of mind. You know that your own expensive laptop and its data are safe. Additionally, you dont have to carry around the extra luggage or pay the fee to have another bag flown out with you. A laptop rental is convenient, affordable, and you get top to the line models that are practically new. The benefits of a laptop rental outweigh the risks of traveling with your own, expensive equipment. Call a Tech Travel Agent today and get a Laptop Rental that is perfect for your next business trip.

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Traveling With a Laptop