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Rentacomputer.com Recognizes Aria Technology Solutions, LLC as Top Supplier

By John Beagle

Aria Techology Solutions Names Top Rentacomputer Supplier

"Experience, Quality of Inventory and Staff were top reasons for rating."

Aria Technology Solutions is based in Chicago and is solely focused on providing AV and IT equipment to Computer and AV Rental companies in the United States.

Aria Technology Solutions in Chicago, Illinois is currently recognized as the number one, best supplier in the Rentacomputer.com - "Tech Travel Agent" Network.

There were numerous reasons for choosing Aria and its President, Raj Jain, as the top supplier of 2011 -2012 year ending June 30, 2012:

Quality of Inventory
First of all, quality of inventory. Since Aria is a fairly new company, all their equipment is new. No old laptops, projectors or tablets. Aria prides itself on carrying a deep inventory of Tier One manufacturers.

Secondly, experience. Raj Jain, owner and president of Aria Technology Solutions has over 15 years of experience in the technology rental industry. Aria's staff has over 30 years of combined IT and technology experience.

Aria Technology Solutions has provided Rentacomputer.com with the industry's fastest response time, bar none. By working with Aria Technology Solutions, Rentacomputer.com is able to meet and in most cases exceed its client's expectations in all regards.

Top Wholesale Provider To Other Technology Rental Companies
Well regarded as an industry Top Supplier, Aria is setup to wholesale iPads, Laptops, Apple Equipment and Projectors to rental companies throughout the entire United States.

Communication Skills
Communication is key in this industry. Clients need to know and Aria provides the information. You always know what stage of delivery your equipment is in with Raj. Every step of the way from imaging notebooks to testing, cleaning and delivery, Aria keeps you informed so you know where you equipment is located and when it will be delivered or installed.

Hear what Tech Travel Agents say about Raj Jain and Aria Technology Solutions:

"Raj Jain has the best tech to rep communication I have come across in this industry. He is reachable 24/7 and we often communicate in the evenings and weekend so I get bids out quickly. He's always a step ahead in advice and ready to offer better more cost efficient solutions for our end-users. Him and his team are appreciated, excellent service and equipment hands down." -- Darcy Mann

"Raj is always willing to tackle any kind of job we throw at him. He has great advice when it comes to setup/technical specs of equipment. He is doing really well with logistics of equipment as he is shipping and moving alot of equipment on a daily basis. Very detailed oriented on all deals that I have sent him. As Darcy noted he is always reachable." -- Jessica Keeton

"I've reached Raj by phone or text several times after hours and weekends for tech support and quotes. He's purchased equipment for rentals of mine to meet the needs of the client when no one else had the gear. He forwards tracking without having to ask for it." -- Randy Moore

"He was able to ship out 85 systems in one day's notice for a repeat client because he was sage enough to keep the client image on his server which made us look more professional. Willing to listen to customer objections based on price and negotiate rental rates to meet customer needs." -- Tony Cipollone

Congratulations Raj Jain and Aria Technology Solutions, LLC, Rentacomputer.com's current top supplier.

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