Emergency Disaster Planning Rentals

If a technological disaster strikes your company, all is not lost. Recovering from disasters that threaten your computers, servers, data etc. is as easy as contacting one of our technology rental specialists who can get you the right kind of technology rental for lessening the impact of such disasters.

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If disaster has struck, you need Rentacomputer.com!

All businesses should have at least thought about contingency planning. Businesses that are heavily dependent on computer access should have a written plan that evolves with the computer network. Keep your important company data in more than one place, storing at least one copy off-site for your best protection. If you have the data, Rentacomputer.com has the hardware, operating systems, software and engineering staff you need to get back into full swing fast.

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Disaster Recovery Rental Services

  • Hardware Relocation

    If your current business location was damaged beyond use, RAC can help you relocate your technology. Engineers, cable guys and installers work together to set up your temporary or permanent facility anywhere in the United States or Canada. Everything you need to get your network back up to full speed immediately. Fast Response Time is RAC Priority.

  • Software Configuration

    Any Microsoft Windows compliant software can be pre-installed on rental servers or rental computers. Images may be stored at a central configuration facility or made available though internet connected facility.

  • Recovery Damage Insurance

    We offer damage insurance for our disaster recovery rentals. If you opt to purchase damage insurance, it will go a long way towards mitigating the cost of fixing or replacing any equipment damaged during your rental.

*For specific information regarding computer rentals, server rentals, laptop rentals or other technology rentals for your disaster recovery plan, visit our homepage, call toll free at 800-736-8772 OR email rentals@rentacomputer.com