Press Release
Posted by by Andy Wendt 05/14/2007

PC Rental Firm Celebrates Their 20th Anniversary

A PC Rental from makes “more sense today than it did 20 years ago when the company first started providing temporary PC Rental equipment to businesses” says Bill Schiering Vice President of Sales. And according to Schiering “making sense” is one of the company’s strongest selling points: “There are times when a PC Rental makes sense and there are times when it does not. We have learned to help customers make the right choice for their projects and by presenting sensible solutions for short term PC Rental needs we give them a broader range of options. has been providing state-of-the-art technology rentals to businesses in the United States since 1987 when it was founded by the still active CEO John Beagle.

In 1997 started the Tech Travel Agent© program which allowed the company to widen its technology offerings from a simple PC Rental to Server rentals, Laptop rentals, Audio Visual rentals, Printer rentals and Copier rentals, and even Video Wall Rentals. It also allowed for larger corporate clients who needed equipment in multiple locations through out the United States as well as Canada and Europe.

In 2002 founded a Nationwide Technology Service Organization called the to provide additional technology services through out the United States such as onsite PC and Network Repair Services, Wiring, CCTV Camera Security Systems, Printer Repair and more.

Looking forward, CEO John Beagle wishes to make a call to your Tech Travel Agent to book a PC Rental as easy as calling a traditional travel agent to book an enjoyable week on your favorite beach.