Samsung Goes to a New Dimension

POSTED 07/17/2007

Our fascination with Three Dimensional movies and television goes back to the earliest days of  the industry. Apparently Samsung has not given up on that dream and is ready to ship an entire line of High Tech 3D Displays that match the best of modern know how with that decades old fascination.

Samsungs  announcement of their new line of 3D TV's came just last week at the New York Gadgetfest. It appears that based on display size the pricing will break down anywhere from roughly $1,500 to $4,500 for these nifty new 3D toys.


There are a good number of advanced technologies wrapped up into these new Samsung toys however and to get a better handle on the terms you may want to visit our Technology Rental Terms & Definitions page.

For starters these new Samsung 3D Sets are using a 1080p High Definition (HD) screen resolution running across an HDMI connection. So regardless of the actual screen size your image is displayed using 1,920x1,080 pixels. Which at the moment is tops for HD market.

Next of importance these sets are using a Digital Light Processing (DLP) technology that reflects light off of thousands of tiny mirrors. This will give the set a slightly larger form factor as compared to a Plasma or LCD but will provide an excellent picture at a comparatively reduced cost.

  The twist Samsung added to these existing top notch technologies is the introduction of Three Dimensional or Stereoscopic viewing. Fortunately to pull this trick off Samsung opted for something a little fancier than the old red and green paper and plastic glasses.  In their place, and just to keep you looking cool, Samsung requires a set of James Bond looking sun glasses that help full the brain into seeing the 3D picture. The smoke and mirrors behind that trick is that Samsung requires the set be connected to a DVI capable PC running their custom 3D signal processing software.

The set is of course capable of displaying standard 2D images just in case you can't stand seeing more and not less of the kids favorite TV shows. For business the sets have a great marketing potential for presentations and trade shows. I for one would have a hard time passing up a booth with one of these sets running an infomercial.

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