Technology Rental Terms & Definitions

Technology Term



Audio/ Visual - Equipment and applications that are used to transmit messages for sound or sight. This includes Microphones, Mixers, Cameras, Projectors, Amplifiers and Speakers.

Computer See: Desktop, PC - A decive that accepts information and manipulates it to gather results based on a program or application that instructs the device on how the data should be processed and has the ability to store that data.
Copier A device that has the ability to create duplicates of typed, written, or drawn material and documents.
Desktop Computer See: Computer, PC - A non-portable personal computer. This term also refers to the basic interface of your computer on which you work.
Digital Signage Digital Signage is a sign that updates in real time. Moving text and graphics display any information that you tell it to, when you tell it to.
DLP Digital Light Processing - a display projecting technology that reflects light off thousands of tiny mirrors (each mirror is considered a pixel). The light is reflected towards the lens for white light and away for black, which gives various shades. There is a red, blue and green lens that allows any color of the spectrum to be produced.
Event Catering Providing Food and Beverage services for an event.
Flying Screen Suspended objects capable of displaying computer images and everchanging multi-colored lights from a variety of angles, heights, and direction. Flying screens are unique shapes that can be projected upon utilizing projectors and spotlights.
FRP Frequent Reward Points - offers FRP on every technology rental. Each point is worth $1 in discounts toward future rentals.
Laptop Laptop - See: Notebook - A compact, portable computer. Laptops may e used conveniently on business trips, in classrooms and other situations where a traditional desktop PC may be less efficient.
LCD Liquid Crystal Display - LCDs use two sheets of polarized, transparent panels with a liquid crystal solution between them. Each crystal is like a shutter, either allowing light (when an electrical current is applied) or blocking light (when the current is switched off) from passing through the panels.
Notebook See: Laptop - A small, lightweight, portable, personal computer.
PC See: Desktop, Computer - Acronym for Personal Computer.
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Pipe & Drape The use of pipes to hang fabric in an effort to create a design that enhances an event stage or booth.
Plasma Display Display technology that contains thousands of tiny tubes filled with ionized gases that, when excited by an electrical current, glow in different colors and intensities and create an image
Projector Projector - A device that integrates electronics, optics system, and a light source for the purpose of displaying an image or images from a computer or video device onto a screen or wall for large image viewing
Printer Term applied to data-processing devices that produce full-size hard copies from data stored in a computer connected to it.
Roofing / Rigging Stage Roofing and Rigging refers to the making of a stage, its roof, and all other stage construction for an event. Rigging refers to the ropes, wires, chains and other support, position and control equipment and materials that are used for a staging event.
Server A host computer on a network that holds information and handles requests for data, email, file transfers, and other network services from other PCs on the network.
Staging / Show Staging More properly called "Show Staging" is simply the act of designing and setting the physical stage on which an event or production will take place. This can include the main stage, camera platforms, stage roof systems, press/VIP risers and other custom built structures necessary for the production.
Stage Lighting Stage Lighting is the act of setting up a lighting system for a show or event. Things like strobe lights, black lights, followspots, and dimmers are examples of stage lighting equipment.
Tablet PC Tablet PC - A computer shaped in the form of a notebook or a slate that can be written on through the use of digitizing tablet technology (aka a touch screen). A user can use a stylus to operate the computer without the use of a keyboard or mouse.
TTA Technology Travel Agent - Agents that schedule technology rentals and sales for conventions, trade shows, conferences and computer training.
Web Casting Means of streaming data and video. Similar to broadcasting (like on TV) but through the use of the internet.
WiFi Wireless Fidelity or 802.11b - Term for wireless local area networks. WiFi is becoming accepted in many environments as an alternative to a wired LAN. WiFi networks allow people to log onto the internet on the move. Areas with WiFi access are also known as WiFi hotspots.