Technology Rentals For Wedding Planners

Make your clients special day, really special with a state-of-the-art multimedia presentation of their lives featuring sound and video rental equipment.

Wedding Technology Rentals

Wedding Technology Rentals

For your clients wedding, let provide technology rentals that can assist with speeches, presentations, video recordings, music, and much more. The day of a wedding can be hectic and full of last minute surprises. With our rentals, you and your client can sit back and relax because not only are our rentals affordable and of the highest quality, but we also offer delivery directly to any venue and we can even assist with set up!

Our wedding technology rentals are tailored to your specific needs. Working with one of our event service agents means having a trusted event partner with expertise in multiple areas of presentation production, including weddings.

Technology Rentals for Weddings

Why Get Technology Rentals for A Wedding?

How our rentals can help

With over 30 years of experience in making events unforgettable, we know what a wedding requires in order to not only make your clients special day even more special, but also more efficient and less stressful.

On top of saving you time and the hassle that comes with wedding technology and services, our rental rates are affordable and a cheaper option.

Camera Rental Equipment

  • Security Camera Rentals

    Keep your business or project site safe with a security camera rental. We offer security cameras in many sizes for any environment.

  • Production Camera Rentals

    We offer Production Camera rentals for professional-grade filming and other creative projects that demand quality.

  • Remote Camera Rentals offers remote cameras for high-quality event streaming and video capturing. Use a remote camera for light security, event streaming or any other situation where portability is key.

  • 360 Camera Rentals

    Capture everything with a 360 camera. With several options that include outstanding features, has a perfect camera ready for you to rent.

  • Camcorder Rentals

    Camcorder Rentals

    Camcorder rentals are perfect for capturing high quality videos at your event. The compactness and storage of a camcorder make it a useful tool to capture events of any kind.