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Computer and Technology Equipment Leasing Options

Leasing computers and other equipment is a great way for a well-established company to conserve capital while still acquiring the technology they need for an extended period of time. The computer leasing option gives you the flexibility of longer financing terms, the stability of a fixed monthly payment, and the power to control your capital expenditures in a way that works for your business' needs no matter how long you need to lease them out for.

For some companies, leasing is a sound option that can lead to the purchase of computers or other equipment. You can plan payments in a way that makes sense, and take advantage of a $1 buyout option at the end of your lease. Contact a technology rental agent for more information.
Computer Leasing

Who Should Lease?

Leasing makes sense for certain types of companies that have special needs. What kind of companies? Those companies include those that are:
  • Established (2+ years of verifiable history) businesses with a good credit rating and solid financial record.
  • Profitable businesses who want to control cashflow and liquidity and need equipment.
  • Businesses with long-term rental needs who are seeking flexible payment terms.
  • A business looking for a lease with a buyout option from a reputable source.
These are only guidelines for a potential lease candidate. There are many factors that go into a successful lease. Speak to a technology rental agent about your situation, and whether leasing might be a good solution for your company.

Benefits of Leasing

For qualifying customers, leasing is a tool that can offer many benefits to their business:
  • Conserving capital for additional business expenses, needs and emergencies.
  • Fixed payment terms that are flexible depending on your situation.
  • A solution for short- or long-term technology rentals with a buyout option.
Leasing is an opportunity for your business to preserve your credit lines and eliminate credit worries and hassles. Leasing is a more convenient and efficient way to borrow; you're only charged for what you use, and you don't have to wait for credit from one source to get your equipment from another.