Want to lease a computer?

We can offer short-term technology solutions and month-to-month rentals for a wide variety of computers and other technology. Our rental products are just like a computer lease, with the flexibility of allowing you to specify any rental term you want. Need to keep the equipment longer? No problem, we make it easy to renew your rental, so you can keep it as long as you need.

Computer Leasing Is Easy

  • Computer leasing prices average around $150 per unit
  • Laptop leasing prices average around $99 per unit.
  • Leases are available, daily, weekly, monthly, or any custom term you need.
  • Our equipment is imaged and setup to your exact specifications.
  • Local delivery and great customer service available nationwide.
  • Ideal for events, seasonal, and other temporary needs.

Do you offer rent to own computer or laptops?

No, we do not offer any rent to own, or $1 buyouts, on computers, laptops, or other equipment. Rental equipment may be available to sell at market rates at the discretion of Rentacomputer.com.

How are your technology rentals different than leasing?

Rentacomputer.com offers a complete, turnkey rental service, including installation, delivery, support, and custom setup and configuration. Rentals are for temporary, generally short term needs, and are not a cost-effective solution for permanent technology needs. Our rental products are not for try-it-before-you-buy situations.