Computer Panic Attack (CPA) Relief

with Laptops, Notebooks, Projectors, Servers, Copiers, Plasmas, Audio, Staging Equipment and more. Locally Delivered and Setup in over 1000 Cities Worldwide

Do you have Computer Panic Attacks?

Call a Tech Travel Agent for Fast Relief!
A Computer Panic Attack (CPA) occurs when you need computers you don't have.

A Computer Panic Attacks can happen at any moment.

-You need 10 computers for training in Chicago. You only have 5!
-You need a flat plasma displays for sales presentations in Washington DC, Las Vegas and Boston on the same day!
-20 computers on order are delayed by the manufacturer, and you have 20 telemarketers starting tomorrow.

Don't feel alone, CPA happens to everyone in-charge of ordering or using technology!

Computer Rental Tech Travel Agent The solution to CPA is TTA!
TTA, aka Technology Travel Agent© will book nationwide and worldwide technology rentals the same way your travel agent books your airline and hotel reservations.

Tech Travel Agents employ an army of computer engineers, technicians, audio visual technicians, equipment installers and technology event coordinators. Any project, no matter the size or scope, can be handled efficiently and cost effectively with the least amount of effort on your part.

Technology Travel Agents© schedule technology rentals for Conventions, Trade Shows, Conferences and Computer Training! Rental periods for state-of-the-art technology are available for as little as a day, a week, a month, or even longer.

Tech Travel Agent© clientele include: event planners, corporate training program coordinators, pharmaceutical sales representatives, convention organizers, TV news networks, trade show service companies, conference planners, accounting and finance departments, emergency-disaster management agencies, universities and traveling executives.

Your Tech Travel Agent© is one point of contact for multiple computer and audio-visual projects! Coordinate many computer and audio visual installations in multiple cities simultaneously. It's easy to get a Computer Rental Plasma Rental, Laptop Rental, Projector Rental, or even a File Server Rental!

Next time you need a temporary technology contact your Tech Travel Agent© or call Toll Free at 800-Rent-R-PC, 800-736-8772 or e-mail

Save up to 50% off your next attack

Tech Travel Agents are now booking technology rentals in for upcoming meetings, conferences, conventions and trade shows. You can save 50% or more compared to charges by hotels and convention centers in the area.  Save on laptop rentals, projector rentals and copier rentals.

Reserve your Technology Now Projector

Get leading technology such as Plasma Flat Screens, Projectors and wireless laptop rentals and SAVE by booking NOW.

Computer  Rental
Laptop Rental
Netbook Rental
Copier Rental
Projector Rental
Plasma Flat Screen Display

Delivery, Setup and Testing

Large Display Your equipment can be delivered directly to your area business location, hotel or convention center booth. Professional technicians will install and setup your equipment. Best of all, your equipment will be tested on-site so you can have piece of mind.

Technology Rental News Expands to 1500 Cities, a world leading provider of temporary technology, has now expanded service to over 1500 cities and convention centers. Previously, companies needing equipment in multiple cities needed to contact multiple vendors. Today a business has the option to contact one Tech Travel Agent� from to book event equipment and technicians anywhere, anytime for any length of time.

The "Green Event" Solution
By using a Tech Travel Agent�, manpower and inventory are already in local markets. This minimizes shipping and paying a tech to travel... which helps keep our planet green. Take the first step in making your next event environmentally friendly by utilizing the services of a Tech Travel Agent�.

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