Computer & Printer Rentals For Tax Season

Printer Rentals For Tax Season

Client Comments:

"Thank you very much for assisting us with our conference. Yet again, Rentacomputer has come through for us. Your help has been invaluable." - Brandon
"Hi Jason! Thanks for checking but I don’t need anything at the moment. If in the future, the need arises, I would contact your company again. You guys were great and easy!" - Bridget from Atlanta
"The event was a great success. Our technician did an incredible job at our booth; frankly, I have never received such stellar customer service as I did from him. At the start of set-up, he made sure we had everything we needed for our event to run smoothly. He made me stress much less about the technology portion of my booth, which is typically one of the most stressful parts of the event." - Kali G. from Atlanta, GA

Tax Season Rentals

Why Get a Printer Rental For Tax Season?

Tax season can be an accounting nightmare. You can ease your business's tax season woes by calling your Tech Travel Agent to get a printer rental to augment your printing capacity during tax season. With a printer dedicated for your tax printing needs, you can keep your other technology free for doing business as usual, and then you can just return the rental when the season is over!

Black and White or Color Copier Rentals

High Volume Printing

For most of our customers in the tax preparation industry, its important that their printer rental is capable of high volume printing. Not only does it need to be capable of printing large amounts, but it needs to be capable of printing quickly. Get a printer that can print up to 55 prints per minute. Printing speeds will vary depending on whether you rent a black & white printer rental or a color printer.

Printer Accessories


We offer a variety of printers to suit whatever office needs you may have. From Laserjet black & white to color, high-volume to low volume, multifunction units to dot matrix printers. Whatever your temporary office need, our agents can put together a solution for you. We also offer a wide selection of printer rental accessories such as: Wireless Print Servers, Extra Toner, Paper, and even carts.

The Most Common of Rentals During Tax Season:

Copier Rentals For Tax Season

Copier Rentals for Tax Season

Copiers are practically a necessity during tax season, since you always need to preserve copies of tax documents for legal purposes. Since tax season is by definition temporary, it makes sense to get a copier rental.
Fax Machine Rentals For Tax Season

Fax Machine Rentals for Tax Season

During tax season, you often have to send a lot of information out to others. Having an extra fax machine makes this task so much easier, and you don't have to purchase superfluous technology.
Network Rentals For Tax Season

Network Rentals for Tax Season

Our agents can even rent entire networks, including computers, servers, and office equipment all networked together to prepare you for the upcoming tax season.

Multifarious Solutions

A single phone call to a Tech Travel Agent can be the catalyst for the solution to all of your company's office equipment or tax preparation needs. During those peak times, our agents can handle the all the issues associated with the logistics of acquiring the right technology for producing, duplicating, and delivering information. Printer, copier and fax machine rentals can be bundled into a single quote that meets all information processing needs.