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Show Us Your Show

Show Us Your Show

Rewards for Event photos from Rentacomputer.com

Take a photo of any event you are attending or hosting. The photo can be of the venue, of a tradeshow booth, of a speaker/presenter, anything pertaining to a show you are involved with. It can even be a selfie! YOU MUST BE THE OWNER OF THE PHOTO YOU SUBMIT!

Some tips for the best chance of getting your photo used and receiving your reward:

  • Some type of rental equipment must be in the picture
  • Photo should be high resolution
  • Clear and not blurry
  • Show the equipment fully setup
  • Show the equipment in use

Send the photo to us at rentals@rentacomputer.com or Tweet it to us via Twitter @technologyrent using the hashtag #ShowYourShow

Show Us Your Show Reward

If Rentacomputer.com likes your photo, we will send you a $25 Amazon gift card! By accepting the gift card you give Rentacomputer.com the rights to use your photo for promotional purposes.