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Teaching kids about technology can be a fun and enriching experience. In order to maximize the benefits of this learning experience, children should have access to the latest desktop, laptop, and mobile equipment, to learn how each can be used differently. After nearly 25 years of experience in the technology rental industry, Rentacomputer.com understands the unique equipment needs of Tech Camps, both large and small.

Our experienced technology rental agents apply their expertise in handling any tech camp equipment rentals. We will assist in examining all the rental options you are interested in and find the rentals that are perfect for your tech camp, in a timely manner.
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Computer & Server Rentals for Tech Camps

Computer/Server Rentals

We offer every type of computer from Standard Desktops, Gaming Desktops, All-In-One Desktops, and Laptops from brands such as Apple, HP, Dell, Microsoft, and more! All of our computer rentals are configured and imaged to your specifications with delivery and installation right at your camp location.
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Tablet Rentals for Tech Camps

Tablet Rentals

We carry the full line of Apple iPads, Android Tablets and Microsoft Surfaces in our rental inventory at competitive and affordable rental rates. Tablets are the perfect mobile technology to deploy in large quantities making them a perfect fit for Tech Camps!
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Wireless Rentals for Tech Camps

Wireless Rentals

We offer all types of wireless equipment for rent - Internet, Hotspots, Aircards, Routers, Smartphones, Two-Way Radios & More with delivery and setup directly at your camp.
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