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Our Equipment Rentals for Colleges and Universities

The higher education industry is vibrant and eager to embrace the advancements of the digital age. Universities and colleges are both hubs of knowledge and centers of technological innovation. However, they don't always have the advanced resources they need for special events and atypical circumstances that demand cutting-edge technology. That's where tech equipment rentals for colleges and other institutions are vital to bridge the gap.

Imagine setting up a cutting-edge computer lab overnight for an unexpected workshop or having to quickly equip an auditorium for a symposium. You may even find that you need the latest VR headsets for a tech demo. Access to the right tech gear for your university will ensure you're always prepared to deliver the best possible learning experience for your students, even when it means seizing an opportunity on short notice.

At Rentacomputer.com, we are here to equip you for any technological demand. Every educational event, lecture or workshop is unique, and so are your tech needs. We're here to meet them with revolutionary speed, reliability and competitive pricing.

Popular Tech Equipment Rentals for Education

Higher educational needs are diverse, and so are our rental options. The following are a few of our most popular solutions:

File server rental

Server rentals

Colleges and universities rely on servers for many tasks. They are necessary for managing vast amounts of data and conducting high-level research. Our server rentals cater to these needs.

A Windows based Laptop

Laptop rentals

Portable computers often carry the resources necessary for seminars, sessions and projects. Every class has the potential to become a tech-enabled success story with the right computing solutions.

Microsoft Surface Tablet

Tablet rentals

Tablets are excellent for sharing information at events, making it easy for attendees to sign in and coordinators to keep track of who's there. Whether you're hosting a conference or running an open house for potential students, our tablet rentals give you what you need to share resources and gather valuable data. 

Computer Room

Why Choose Rentacomputer.com?

The road to integrating technology and higher education is sometimes challenging. Here are some of the reasons why we stand out as the reliable tech provider of choice:

  • Experience: We've provided institutions like colleges with tech rentals for over 25 years. From simple projector setups to aiding in AI and VR projects, our legacy speaks volumes.
  • Expertise: Our agents stay on top of the tech and higher education industries and are here to make sure you get everything you need. They will give you expert usage, security and maintenance advice.
  • Support: Whether you're a budding community college or a renowned university, we have the tech gear to serve your goals. We'll deliver and set up your rentals so you can pull off a seamless event.

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In the competitive world of higher education, having the best tech is a necessity. From desktops, laptops and tablets to high-end VR headsets and interactive video walls, Rentacomputer.com is ready to deliver rental electronics that foster success.  Contact us today to request a quote.