We carry the full Apple line of iPads in our rental inventory at competitive and affordable rental rates. iPads with retina, iPads with thunderbolt connection, iPad Airs, iPad Minis. iPad rentals are the perfect mobile technology to deploy in large quantities making them a perfect fit for conferences and large marketing or data collection projects.

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iPad Rentals

When you need iPad rentals, you need Rentacomputer.com!

When you need a thin, lightweight and portable tablet, iPad rentals from Rentacomputer.com are your best bet:

  • iPads rent for an average of $65 per unit.
  • iPad rentals are available daily, weekly, and monthly.
  • Kiosks, locks, charging stations and other accessories available.
  • iPad rentals are either hand delivered or shipped nationwide!
  • Available with the latest version of iOS.
  • Wi-Fi only models or 3G/4G models with data plans available.
  • Models with retina display and thunderbolt connections available.

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Our Latest iPad Rental Product

iPad Pro Rentals

iPad Pro Rentals

Apple's new iPad Pro is packed full of great features. With a 12.9" screen and a 2732 x 2048 retina resolution, the iPad Pro has the largest and highest resolution screen of any iPad on the market. That's 264 pixels per inch! The iPad Pro is also equipped with Apple's most advanced A9X chip and M9 motion coprocessor.
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What Our Customers Say About Our iPad Rentals

iPad Rental Testimonial

When you rent from Rentacomputer.com you get the best

"I will tell you that the shipping container, the condition of the iPads and the professionalism in the whole process was very refreshing from past experience of other rental companies we have done business with."

- Rob from Jacksonville, FL

Our Latest iPad Rental Accessories

iPad Square Stand Rentals

iPad Square Stand Rentals

Apple's new iPad Square Stand is packed full of great features. It easily connects with cash drawers, receipt printers, and barcode scanners, all through USB. It securely locks your iPad into place and the stand locks to your counter. It swivels for convenient signature writing and works with the free Square Point of Sale app. It even provides you with custom analytics, so you know what's selling and when. The Square Stand allows you to run and grow your business straight from your iPad!
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iPad Charging Station Rentals

iPad Charging Station Rentals

iPad Charging Stations can charge up to 10 iPads at a time with built-in USB ports for charging and syncing. All models are tamper-resistant and self-cooling, and we now offer stackable models and custom wraps to show off your company's brand! Like all of our iPad accessory rentals, iPad Charging Station rentals can be hand-delivered at your convenience.

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iPad Rental Case Study

An iPad Rental Case Study

Corporate Event Planning With A Large Quantity of iPad Rentals

Last minute client requests can be a real nightmare for an event planner. In this case study, an event coordinator for a large medical symposium was contacted by his client who required an additional 150 iPad rentals for their event that was less than a week away. The client had already required 200 iPads previously, so now the event planner was tasked with finding 350 iPad rentals and was beginning to feel overwhelmed and worried he would let his client down. After contacting Rentacomputer.com and utilizing our service, both the event planner and his client enjoyed a successful event.

Check out the whole case study [infographic]
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Other Tablet Rentals

  • iPad Air Rentals

    iPad Airs are even thinner and lighter than the standard iPad

  • iPad Mini Rentals

    iPad Minis have the same power as a standard iPad, but in a smaller form factor.

  • iPad Pro Rentals

    iPad Pros are more advanced and powerful than the standard iPad. They are thin, lightweight, and have a 12.9" screen.

  • Android Tablet Rentals

    Affordable Samsung Galaxy, Google Nexus and other Android tablet rentals for business events nationwide. All units ship with the latest OS, WiFi, and even cellular internet service available on request.

  • Samsung Galaxy Rentals

    The Samsung Galaxy Tab and the Samsung Galaxy Note, with the latest Android OS, are a solid platform for your next data collection, mobile demo, or other short term business project. Samsung tablet rentals are always a solid event rental value.

  • Microsoft Surface Rentals

    A Microsoft Surface Tablet is the only Windows tablet powerful enough to replace your laptop. With powerful Intel processors, beautiful HD screens, multi-function kickstands & keyboard, a Surface rental provides a state of the art product for any business need.

  • Google Nexus Tablet Rentals

    Google Nexus 7" and 10" Android tablets are the perfect mix of power and portability. Google also boasts they have the world's sharpest 7-inch tablet screen!

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