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IMAG System Rentals

An IMAG System is a network of video cameras set to the task of recording a large event for the purpose of broadcasting the capture images on large screens, or for purposes of producing documentation of the event. If an event is large enough, it can be difficult to see what is going on for those who are seated far away from the action. With an entire system of cameras with which you can capture the event, all attendees can enjoy the event and be fully aware of what is going on. can assist you in examining IMAG system rental options for your industry and will handle the acquisition and delivery of your system. even offers techs who will help with IMAG System equipment set up and configuration on-site. Enhance your event and give attendees the experience they deserve with an IMAG Camera System Rental from
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IMAG System Rentals

Why Rent an IMAG System

More Cameras, More Cross Fades & Cutaways

An IMAG System Rental can have any number of cameras, depending on your budget. The more cameras you have however, the more dynamic your documentation of the event will be.

Whether you are just magnifying an image of the event, recording the event or both, it is important to be able to cross fade and cutaway from one viewing angle to another; this allows you to capture more video of the event in general, and makes a very impressive video display or video production.

Important IMAG Peripherals

IMAG System Rentals from include more than just cameras, they also include various other peripherals that are necessary for operating a camera system. These include: Our agents also recommend having a camera operator per each camera and a minimum of two cameras.