Video Camera Rentals and Services for Independent Filmmakers offers video camera rental equipment and configuration/production services for independent film productions of all sizes. We will serve as your trusted technology partner, from pre-production to the final wrap.

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Independent Film Rentals and Services

We help every step of the way

The job of an independent filmmaker, whether for advertising or creative purposes, involves far more than just recording scenes. There is equipment to acquire, pre-and post-production editing needs, and most importantly, figuring how all of this equipment is going to arrive on location and in good shape. has worked with thousands of independent filmmakers and their teams over the past decades and understands the unique needs of an independent director. Our experienced technology rental agents will work with you to help find the best camera, and other production equipment for your project. We also over film production services to help ensure your daily shoot goes smoothly.

When it comes to timely shipping, is second to none. Our agents will coordinate an on-time delivery, and will work to ensure you get the right equipment in great condition.

What Sets Us Apart

Unmatched Service

Along with offering modern camera, laptop, lighting, and other film equipment, offers a range of services that will help your production go more smoothly. We can provide techs to aid in equipment set up, tear down, and configuration, as well as lighting and sound techs that will ensure your filming experience is top-notch.

A Reliable Production Partner

Our technology rental agents will work to help make sure your equipment arrives on-time to your production location. We will help every step of the way, from your initial equipment quote to delivery, and even on-set help if you need it. Cameras, tripods, lighting, sound, and service — we handle it all, so you can focus on directing.

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