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Projector Rentals - 10 Usage Tips

projector tips

1. Handle the projector with care. Avoid moving the projector as much as possible while it is powered on. Many components of the projector are very sensitive to bumps and shake, especially the lamp. Any type of trauma or shock can cause damage to the projector and can even lead to a projector crash.

2. Have your equipment powered off before connecting any cables. A signal cable carries a current while powered on and the sudden difference in electrical current can damage projector components such as burning out the projector lamp.

3. Do not unplug the projector after powering down. The lamp is still pretty hot once the projector is turned off and so the cooling fan will still continue to run and cool the lamp off after the image on the screen has disappeared. If the projector is unplugged right after it is turned off, damage to the lamp can occur and make the lamps life much shorter. Keep the projector plugged in for at least another 3 minutes after powering down.

4. Use economy mode whenever possible. If the projector has over 2000 lumens then it usually has an economy mode. This mode will lower the lumens (or brightness) to save power and lengthen lamp life. If the event does not require full projector brightness use this mode to extend lamp life.

5. Clean the lens regularly. Dust can collect on the lens after some time. This can affect the quality of the image projected. Microfiber cloth is designed for cleaning lenses well.

6. Use the projector in suitable conditions. Use the projector in areas where temperatures are not too hot or cold. Projectors need cooling for the lamp heat so operating in warm temperatures can affect the cooling needed during operation. Also avoid using the projector in excessively dusty or moist areas.

7. Clean the filter every so often. Most projectors have a dust filter. After the projector has been in use for awhile dust can collect and block the filter. If the air flow is decreased or blocked then it can affect the cooling. So cleaning the filter will eliminate those issues.

8. Store the projector properly. Make sure to store the projector in a cool, dry place where there is not a lot of dust accumulation.

9. Wait for projector to warm up. It can take a projector anywhere from 30 seconds to 90 seconds to warm up. Allow it to warm up and if there is still no image, be sure to select the correct input signal source (DVD, computer, laptop, etc..)

10. Be sure to get the right amount of lumens. The size of the area that you are using the projector in will determine the amount of lumens you want. 1000-2000 lumens are the most popular because they are very practical. 3000 lumens are good for audiences of less than 100. 5000 lumens are more useful for large audiences of over 100 people. Anything larger (such as conventions or conferences) 6000 or more lumens may be desired.

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