NEC Projector Rentals

  • NEC Projector Rental

    Why Rent a NEC Projector?

    The NEC projector has some really interesting and useful features. Such as the 3D Reform Function, which allows the user to correct any trapezoidal dimensions in the projection which often arise when projecting in an awkwardly small space. With this feature one can adjust each of the four corners independently.
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    NP Portable Projector Series

    The NP Portable Series provides all the features that you need from a portable projector, and each projector in the series has intuitive functionality, along with fast plug-and-play operations for those quick-setups. All NP Portable projectors show bright images, versatile connectivity, automatic keystone correction, and much more. So if you need a projector that is powerful as well as portable, call your Tech Travel Agent for a NEC NP Portable Projector Rental.
  • NEC Projector Rentals

    Professional Integration Projector

    Our agents can also offer an array of NEC projectors that are designed specifically for audio-visual integration. The NP3250 offers stacking capabilities along with a stacking correction tool for correcting the projections as they relate to one another. With a single phone call to a Tech Travel Agent you can have a single solution for all your integrated audio-visual needs, and impress your target audience with an integrated audio and visual masterpiece.