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Viewsonic Projector Rentals

Client Comments:

"I wanted to thank you very much for everything. Your AV specialist just left. He hooked up our LCD Projector and our presentation went great! Excellent service!”" - Maria from New Jersey
"Thanks Randy! We'll definitely be in touch the next time we need to rent any equipment! We had a wonderful experience working with you. The projector rentals were great for the art showing!" - Projects NYC from New York City
"Days before I was going to make an important sales pitch, the bulb in my projector blew out. I needed a projector fast so I could make my video presentation, so I contacted, and they delivered a projector where I needed it." - Dwight K. from Philadelphia, PA
Viewsonic Projector Rental

Why Rent a Viewsonic Projector?

Viewsonic is an industry leader with expertise that encompasses display, storage, imaging, wireless and broadband areas. Viewsonic also offers technology solutions for any possible application, from home entertainment and cinema to business and professional displays.
Viewsonic Portable Projector Rentals

Ultra Portable Projectors

Viewsonic projectors offer portable projectors for a variety of situations. All of Viewsonic's portable projectors feature PC-less presentation, wide screen capability, wireless capability, and are compact and lightweight. Whatever your projection needs are in transitive situations, a Tech Travel Agent can supply you with the right kind of Viewsonic portable projector.
Viewsonic Short Throw Projector Rental

Short Throw Projectors

If you need to project images within a very tight space, a Viewsonic short throw projector lens is the way to go. These projectors can project an image a very short distance without sacrificing quality or size of projection, which is ideal if the conference room in which you need to make your presentation is particularly small; or if you do not have a lot of available space at your trade show.

Need a Viewsonic projector long-term?

If you need any number of Viewsonic projectors for more than one year, consider our leasing options. We can lease any kind of Viewsonic projector for flexible one to five year terms. Contact a Tech Travel Agent to get started on a leasing contract today.