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Technology Rentals For Human Resources

Our trained technology rental agents can apply their expertise in handling human resources technology rentals. We can help keep you organized and benefit your corporate events, on-boarding presentations, training, and any of your other human resource needs.

Human Resources Equipment Rentals

Human Resources Equipment Rentals

Managing human resources for a company of any size is a critical, yet time-consuming task. Having the right technology for the job is a must, as it offers ways to make your HR processes more streamlined. With all the technology available, picking the right equipment for the job can be a challenging task.

Rentacomputer.com is ready to be your trusted technology rental partner, striving to make the process easier, and hassle-free. We will work with your HR manager or department to learn more about your reason for renting and strive to match you with the right equipment. Our agents can also ensure all equipment is delivered on-time and configured to your exact specifications.

We take care of your equipment rental needs, letting you focus on the things you need to — HR and on-boarding.


Projector Rentals for the Human Resources Industry

Projector Rentals

Short throw, long throw, rear projection, and more. We have projectors to fit every need and venue.
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Television Rentals for the Human Resources Industry

Television Rentals

A wide variety of high definition televisions ranging from 32" to 90".
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Laptop Rentals for the Human Resources Industry

Laptop Rentals

Laptop rentals are common in human resources because they are presentation-ready and are very mobile. When combined with presentation software, a laptop rental can be invaluable, allowing you to display critical evidence.
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iPad Rentals for the Human Resources Industry

iPad Rentals

We rent all models of iPads in all configurations and with 4G cellular service. We can even preload your applications so that your iPad rental is 100% ready to go when delivered.
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