Just Back from Rental Sale Laptops

Laptops are thoroughly tested!

Buying a "just back from laptop computer" will save hundreds of dollars over the purchase price of a new one.

Retail Sales at Wholesale Prices
For years, Rentacomputer.com has sold its inventory to wholesale and laptop clearing houses. Why should they get our best deals? Now buy laptops, notebooks and tablet pcs at the same price as the used computer wholesalers.

Good Enough for Warranties!
apple Our 'just back from rental' laptops have limited warranties! AND manufacturer warranties are available on select models, additional fee may apply. We will fix or replace any unit deemed defective within the warranty period.

Purchase First or Rent First
Due to the popularity of our purchase option, we are extending our offer to people just wanting to save money. You can rent first, and then purchase or you may buy right out. Either way, contact a Rentacomputer.com Tech Travel AgentĀ© for details.