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How Meeting Planners Benefit From Tech Travel Agents

Posted: March 12, 2008 By Andy Wendt

Meeting Planners Use Tech Travel AgentsMeeting planners, if you are not familiar with the term, are individuals who are responsible for almost every aspect involved in the preparation and presentation of a corporate meeting or event. Some of their duties include, site selection, arranging for guest speakers, scheduling, and negotiating with suppliers to provide the necessary food, entertainment, tables, pipe and drape, computer and or audio visual devices.

You may have noticed a similarity between a Meeting Planner and our Tech Travel Agents. That’s not a coincidence as Tech Travel Agents are in effect Meeting Planners who specialize in providing the latest technology to today’s corporate meetings and events. A benefit of  that specialization is that a Meeting Planner has one contact nationwide, their Tech Travel Agent, that they can count on for for advice and sourcing for all their technology needs.

Meeting Planners often consult with Tech Travel Agents prior to booking an event at a specific venue. Tech Travel Agents with have been providing short term technology rentals for meetings and events for over 20 years and offer invaluable advice to Meeting Planners on a venues ability to provide any necessary IT infrastructure.

By working with Tech travel Agents a Meeting Planner can actually reduce their work load and increase the value they provide to their clients. As using a Tech Travel Agent is the easiest way to get great rates on short term technology rental equipment, such as audio visual equipment, computer equipment, kiosks, and even trade show displays, all delivered and installed anywhere in the country. One new technology that is gaining popularity is a Digital Signage Rental.

Another benefit enjoyed by Meeting Planners who use a Tech Travel Agent their single technology contact for their nationwide hardware needs is that they don’t have to listen to endless solicitations from vendors who want to supply hardware only in this city, or that venue. Because if you have a Tech Travel Agent you know you have it covered. One Tech Travel Agent can take care of any technology rental need any where in the US, Canada, Australia, the UK, and in most English speaking countries worldwide.

Contact a Tech Travel Agent Today if you are a Meeting Planner and interested in the above benefits or any of the topics listed below: Getting More From Your Technology Vendor, What’s in IT for You, Virtual Meetings, The Rise of Blogs at Meetings and how Organizers Can Use Them, Audience Response Systems, Meeting Evaluation Technologies, One Contact Nationwide, or How to Rate a Venues IT Ability.  Technology Rentals For Meeting Planners

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For a personal consultation contact a Tech Travel Agent today at 800-736-8772 or e-mail

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