Accounting Firms using Printer, Copier and Computer Rentals

Bush Signs Sarbanes-Oxley ActCPA Accounting firms are bringing in additional temporary staff and temporary technology to increase billing this tax season. Many firms are contacting a Tech Travel Agent© to reserve computer rental equipment for the upcoming tax season.

Accounting firms will be even busier than normal this tax season thanks to the Sarbanes-Oxley Act and other changes in the federal and state tax codes.

"Its an 'accountant's market' because of the large amount of work there is out there. We are getting more things done by bringing on additional computers, printers and copiers for  four  months this tax season." said Ted Abrams from Abrams Tax Service.

Shelly Jameson of True Tax Service has been setting up temporary offices and using computer rentals, printer rentals and copier rentals for the last  three  years. "It's great because at the end of the tax season, we close our extra offices and the computer rental company removes all the technology. Its so simple and easy .  If we  had known  there were companies out there renting computers and laser printers, we would have done this before."

Renting technology is fast and convenient. It is the perfect solution to fill your technology gaps, especially during the tax season. Get the computers, notebooks and laptops you  need for  as long as you need it by contacting a Tech Travel Agent© at

Connect with a Complete Temporary Network

Networking services are available too! If you need your computers networked, wired or wireless, you can have everything setup and networked by contacting your Tech Travel Agent©!

Other Rental Equipment to Consider

Projectors, Large Plasma Flat Panels, Copiers, printers, and fax machines are also very popular rental equipment for accountants too!

Contact a Tech Travel Agent for your next computer rental or laptop rental by emailing or calling toll free at 800-736-8772. See here for more information on a Tech Travel Agent Services visit 

John Beagle is a technology writer for Xponex Web and Media Services.
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