Event Planning

Planning an event can be a complicated task, with many factors to consider. Rentacomputer.com has the products and services to make your event planning process smooth and hassle-free.

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Event Planning

Event Planning

Working as an event planner is a critical, but difficult and potentially complicated job. There are many things to consider. Where will you get all the required equipment? Will it be delivered on time? Who will set it up? The questions like these can quickly mount, leaving you less time to plan other parts of your event.

Rentacomputer.com has all of the equipment and offers the services you need to take the stress out of event planning. Our experienced technology rental agents will handle the technology side of your event — from ordering to on-time delivery — leaving you more time to focus on giving attendees the event they deserve.

Along with offering the most up-to-date technology and event equipment for rent, Rentacomputer.com offers a host of services that leave no part of your event to chance. From providing qualified, experienced techs to offering event set up and tear down assistance, we can help with every aspect of your event.

Event Planning Tasks

Transforming the Venue

Rentacomputer.com has the products and services you need to transform any venue into a great place for an event. From staging and lighting to AV technology, having the right equipment is sure to leave a lasting impression on event attendees.

Managing the Event

Software Services
Event registration software and other digital credentialing applications make event sign-in simple. We can preload any free software you may need, and even provide configuration and technical support services.

Remote Attendance

Not everyone can make your event, but that is no longer a problem with with our remote attendance solutions. We offer cutting-edge video-conferencing equipment for remote-attendance management.

Event Social Media Promotion

Event Social Media Promotion
Promoting your event via social media is a surefire way to build a buzz. Use our computer or laptop rentals to live blog or use event-specific hashtags from the event floor or to promote engagement during and after an event.


Video Wall Rentals for Conventions

Video Wall Rentals

Video Wall Rentals are ideal for all sizes of events since they can provide much larger formats by linking multiple screens together. This is sure to wow event attendees and get your message across.
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Sound System Rentals for Conventions

Sound System Rentals

High quality sound systems are an important component to any event. Ensuring that everyone can hear, especially at a large event, is critical for maintaining attendee engagement.
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Lighting System Rentals for Conventions

Lighting System Rentals

Dynamic lighting is a great way to make any event stand out in memory. We offer lighting suitable for concerts, presentations, and many other types of events.
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Virtual Reality Rentals for Events

Virtual Reality Rentals

Virtual reality equipment is our fastest growing rental, and is easier to use than you might initially think. Make any event memorable with VR displays, interactive brand experiences, and more.
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Tablet Rentals for Tech Camps

Tablet Rentals

We carry the full line of Apple iPads, and Android Tablets Surfaces in our event rental inventory.
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