Arkansas Union Server & Tablet Rentals

Are you searching for affordable technology rentals for your trade show booth at Arkansas Union? Look no further than Rentacomputer! We offer a wide range of rental options, including lighting, speakers, plasma televisions, video walls, and tablet rentals. Experience the convenience and peace of mind that our stress-free services provide as we handle every aspect from delivery to setup, ensuring a seamless and hassle-free experience. Trust Rentacomputer for all your technology rental needs at your Arkansas Union trade show booth!

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Arkansas Union Sign, Desktop, Laptop, and AV Rentals

Arkansas Union is a Student union central building on the University's campus in Fayetteville, Arkansas that is built to handle a wide margin of people for your events. As for the rentals side, is your one source for all your short term computer, AV, and office equipment rental needs! Whether you're a big, international corporation or a small, local business, if you need an iPad, laptop, audio visual, or office equipment rental you can count on our Fayetteville technology rental specialists to deliver top-of-the-line equipment! So give us a call today and learn more about our wide selection, fast delivery and great rates on the technology you need for your event in Fayetteville!

Event technology rentals are very common due to the amount of time and money that goes into setting up a great trade show booth at a Conference Center. We can help you out by giving you the complete package of on-site delivery and installation of top of the line equipment for your trade show booth. We offer a wide selection of equipment for a trade show booth from a plasma displays, laptops, sound systems, to staging equipment, pipe & drape, and plasma wall mounts. Just give us a call today at 800-736-8772 or click the button below for additional information on how our event services can help save your business time, stress, and money!

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Fayetteville PC & AV Rentals

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Are you in a rush and tired of waiting for other rental companies to get back to you? Do you need something specific that you don't see listed on our website? Look no further than! With our extensive inventory, unbeatable prices, and 15-minute response guarantee, we're committed to providing you with exceptional customer service. You can count on us to be your reliable rental partner. Contact us today for a personalized quote tailored to your needs!

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Our Most Rented Arkansas Union Event Products

An iPad in a table stand kiosk

Kiosk Rentals

Kiosks are available in a wide variety of format (Floor, wall, table and more) all to help your business host the best event it can. Request a Quote
An upright, freestanding phone charging station

Event Engagement Rentals

Let our quality products ensure that your events stay as engaging as possible. Rent with to obtain as engaging tools possible for your event in Arkansas. Request a Quote
A gaming desktop computer with red accent lighting

Desktop Rentals

Windows Desktop Computers, Windows All-In-Ones, iMacs, Mac Minis, and Mac Pros are all options for your various desktop rentals that we can offer your business. Get the deal best for your company with the help of as soon as possible. Request a Quote
An Apple iPad

Tablet Rentals

We provide Microsoft Surface Studio and Surface Book tablets, all in small to large quantities, to ensure your event runs as smoothly as possible. Request a Quote
An Apple MacBook Pro Laptop

Laptop Rentals

Need to keep your events mobile and easy to set up? Use our high quality short term laptop rentals for the state of Arkansas, as they'll allow you to host the best event with our rentals. Request a Quote
Charging Station Rentals

Charging Stations

Mobile device recharging stations make a great addition to any event through their utility in charging, branding and general ergonomics. Rent some with for great deals. Request a Quote
Social Media Display Rentals

Social Displays

Display social media feed from your convention or marketing event, in real-time, with our high quality social display rentals available with a wide variety of deals for your business to take when renting with us. Request a Quote
Photo Booth Rentals

Photo Booths

Engage attendees and show off your event to the whole world by renting a photo booth for your next convention or marketing event. Request a Quote
Digital Sign Rentals

Digital Signage

For your next event, convention, or trade show, rent a digital sign to enhance your brand image not just in the event itself but for those passing by as well. Request a Quote
Touchscreen Rentals


Rent a set of touchscreens for your upcoming event to ensure your event-goers are as ergonomic as possible. Request a Quote
Video Walls Rentals

Video Walls

Wish you could get more information out to your viewers? Rent our video walls in order to display everything in a quick to digest manner. Request a Quote
Wirless Product Rentals

Wireless Products

In the modern day, getting the most cutting edge electronics is vital to your business' events more and more each day. Rent a wide variety of our wireless products to ensure you maintain that cutting edge. Request a Quote

Our Top Fayetteville Mobile Device Rental

iPhones are easily the most popular smartphone rentals for conferences, trade shows, and business events in Fayetteville. iPhones are also the go-to Apple mobile device for software developers who need to test how their software performs on iOS devices. Whether you need a small number of iPhones for application testing, or a few dozen iPhones for large event usage, can supply you with any quantity of Fayetteville iPhone rentals, from a variety of iPhone models.

We offer Fayetteville iPhone Xs, iPhone XS, iPhone XRs, iPhone 8s rentals, and we can provide other iPhone models for rent - depending on the circumstances of your rental. All iPhone rentals are available with daily, weekly, and monthly rental rates.

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Individuals working on a whiteboard while a projector in the foreground is shown illuminating

Arkansas Union Trade Show Rentals is a business that provides technology rental products and services to other businesses. From event displays such as video walls, projectors, and digital signage kiosks, to office equipment technology, telecommuting laptop rentals, Wi-Fi router rentals, we have it all. If you have a business technology rental need, we are more than capable of supplying it! View All Technology Rental Products
Sound technicians sitting at a mixing board while a large event occurs on stage in front of them

Arkansas Union Expo Services

In addition to technology rentals, we also provide all of the technology services you could possibly require to make sure that you get the most out of your rental, including: event production, software, presentation, on-site technician, video production, developer and event engagement services. We can even help with back office support, labor, setup, and networking! View All Event Services & Solutions

Our Featured PC Rental

MacBook Pro Rentals

MacBook Pros are available for rent with either 13-inch or 15-inch monitors. Both options come with a 2560-by-1600 native resolution Retina Display. The 13-inch display is available with a Touch Bar that has an integrated Touch ID Sensor. The 13-inch MacBook Pro is equipped with 2 Thunderbolt Ports, while the 15-inch model boasts 4 ports. Both models support the vivid P3 wide color format, an ideal format for displaying 4K video, video editing, and other film production tasks. Additonally, the 15-inch model comes standard with True Tone monitor technology the Radeon Pro 560X, and Intel UHD Graphics 630 GPU.

Whether you rent a 13-inch or 15-inch MacBook Pro model from, you will have access to the power you need to complete your projects in Fayetteville, with the lightness and portability you have come to expect from Mac laptops! And all our rentals are available with daily, weekly, and monthly rental rates.

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