Cradlepoint Hotspot Rentals

Our Cradlepoint mobile broadband routers are great to rent for business conferences, office parties, and several other small business get togethers. It is able to connect up to 128 users and has a built in failover so you and other users don't lose any productivity. The Cradlepoint Hotspot can be rented daily, weekly, and monthly!

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Cradlepoint Hotspot Rentals

Cradlepoint Hotspot Rentals

Why get a Cradlepoint Hotspot Rental?

Cradlepoints are our premier, enterprise level, wireless hotspot rental devices. The Cradlepoint ARC MBR1400 is capable of hosting up to 128 unique, secure wireless user connections on a 802.11 a/b/g/n network - allowing for bandwith speeds up to 54 Mbps on a 2.4 GHz frequency for increased range. Cradlepoint WiFi rentals are perfectly suited for events with medium to large sized numbers of attendees.

Getting a Cradlepoint Hotspot rental is also a great solution for events and projects that require users to have wireless WAN connectivity at all times, as Cradlepoints come equipped with automatic failover to wireless WAN connection when wired WAN disruption occurs, and automatic failback for when wired WAN connection is restored. At we're not just here to save you time and money, we're here to make your event easy!

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Data Plan Options And Carriers

When you get a Cradlepoint Hotspot rental, choosing a data plan for your rental is necessary. Cradlepoints can have both unlimited or capped data plans, depending on whatever you think is best for your short-term rental needs. 3G and 4G data plans for Cradlepoint Hotspot rentals are offered through Verizon and AT&T, and data plans can even be paired from both of these providers if you want to have an air-tight failover system in place. When you partner with on your Cradlepoint rentals you can rest easy knowing you have access to the best support in the industry.

Cradlepoint rentals are secure and reliable in all forms of internet transmission. LAN connections are protected with advanced WiFi encryption, LAN Segmentation, and VLAN capabilities. Main office access and POS transactions are protected by VPN capabilities and other security features to ensure that your network stays secure. Cradlepoints are designed for PCI complaint network architectures, and engineered for day-in, day-out 24/7 internet connectivity. If you're wondering how to rent Cradlepoint hotspots we're here to answer that question and make the entire process, fast, easy, and affordable. For more information about our Cradlepoint integrated business series router rentals, give one of our technology rental specialists a call today at 800-736-8772 or click the "Request a Quote" button below!

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Cradlepoint Rental Features

What You Get With a Cradlepoint Rental

  • Load balancing across multiple wired and wireless WANs for 5 Ethernet 10/100/1000 LAN/WAN ports for local devices or landline internet
  • “WiFi as WAN” mode enables use as a WiFi repeater, WiFi Bridge, or as a WiFi-toEthernet adapter for Ethernet-enabled devices.
  • IPsec VPN (up to 20 concurrent sessions) with GRE Tunneling option, also supports passthrough VPN connections through Open VPN (IPsec, L2TP, PPTP, SSL VPN)
  • WEP, WPA, WPA2, and AES encryption for secure WiFi
  • SPI (stateful packet inspection) zone-based firewall and NAT (network address translation) to prevent unwanted access to connected computers
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Cradlepoint Hotspot Rentals

Nationwide Cradlepoint Hotspot Rentals Available

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