Social Media Photo Booth RENTALS

If you're hosting a convention or marketing event and looking for an easy way to get attendees to post about it on social media, the social media photo booth is the perfect solution for you! With the ability to customize the enclosure, digital picture frames, and software, the social media photo booth will post all pictures taken at your event on social media so it can be seen by the whole world.

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Social Media Photo Booth Rentals

Why should you rent a social media photo booth?

Social Media Photo Booth Rentals:

  • Social Media Photo Booth rentals have custom wraps, photo templates, and software available.
  • Social Media Photo Booths have an iPad user-interface with camera.
  • Social Media Photo Booths are easy to use and are self service.
  • Photos can be instantly shared to social media or SMS and Email.
  • Social Media Photo Booths are perfect for any convention or marketing event.

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Social Media Wall Rentals

Social Media Wall Rentals

For your next event, pair a social media photobooth rental with a social media wall! A social media wall rental will assist in making a more interactive environment at your event, so more attendees will visit, like, or follow your social media account. Social media walls are perfect for any convention, marketing event, or conference in which your goal is to acquire more followers and build your social media account's presence.
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