Virtual reality is becoming more main stream than ever before! With many developers creating and demonstrating new VR games, photos and videos, the need to rent VR headsets is becoming increasingly popular! We offer virtual reality rentals at affordable rates with nationwide delivery.

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Virtual Reality Rentals

Why should you rent an htc vive VR headset?

For your next virtual reality development project or demonstration contact us for the best rental rates!

  • Try it before you buy it! Great for potential developers, curious customers, and special events.
  • Front-facing cameras create optimal blend of real world and virtual world at 110&deg field of view.
  • HTC Vive includes the Chaperone guidance system, keeping users within the bounds of the play area.
  • HTC Vive rentals are available daily, weekly, and monthly.
  • HTC Vive rentals are either hand delivered or shipped nationwide.

Full kit includes: (1) Vive Headset, (2) Vive Controllers, (2) Vive Controller Chargers w/ Micro-USB Cables,
(1) Link Box and A/C Adapter, (1) HDMI Cable, (1) 1 USB-A to USB-A Cable, (2) Room Sensors w/ A/C Adapaters, (1) Link Cable, (2) Room Sensor Tripods.

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The HTC Vive Pro

HTC Vive Pro Rentals

HTC Vive Pro

The biggest upgrade the Vive Pro offers over the Vive is the display. Boasting a beautiful 2800 x 1600 AMOLED display, objects appear to be more detailed and crisp, especially at a distance. This makes it possible to enjoy large, open areas, even if you are immersed in augmented reality in a limited physical space.
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Virtual Reality Rental Equipment

  • Virtual Reality Rentals

    With many developers creating and demonstrating new VR games, videos and technology, the need to rent VR headsets is becoming increasingly popular!

  • HTC Vive VR Rentals

    Vive is brought to you by HTC and Valve. Room-scale experience, precise motion tracking, and a Chaperone guidance system.

  • Samsung HMD Odyssey

    Made by Samsung and Microsoft, the Odyssey is a fresh contender in the virtual reality marketplace.The Odyssey offers immersive worlds, with slightly less setup requirements than other high-end Virtual Reality options due to its new built in tracking technology.

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