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As we get closer to the fall semester for elementary schools, high schools, and universities, there’s still debate as to how kids will be educated in the midst of a pandemic. In a recent poll, parents were asked whether it would be safe to reopen the schools. Sixty-nine percent of those polled said it wasn’t safe yet–as far as elementary and high schools go. Because of this, many schools in varying alert tiers are choosing between five days a week in school, full-time online learning, or a mix of both in-person and remote learning.

If remote learning isn’t taken seriously or done properly, the consequences could be huge. A recent study from the Northwest Evaluation Association (NWEA) Collaborative for Student Growth Research Center estimated that when students return for the 2020-21 school year, they’ll enter classes with about 70% of the learning gains in reading compared to a normal year of classes. The “COVID-19 slide” is predicted to affect mathematics comprehension even more, with an estimated 50% of retention of what was taught when compared to a typical school year. The bottom line is: going forward, remote learning is going to be increasingly important; and digital resources along with their respective devices will be ever-essential. You can learn more about this subject on our our recent blog post.

If your school, institution, or district is considering making the transition to an online school environment, Rentacomputer.com is here to help facilitate your remote learning or homeschooling needs. Our short-term technology rentals can help ensure a quick and efficient transition to a remote learning environment at home. Our most popular remote learning products are Windows Laptops, Apple MacBooks, Apple iPads, and Microsoft Surface Tablets. We are offering a Remote Learning Special to educational institutions who are interested in supplying technology to their students.

As demand for home learning has drastically increased far faster than the supply, districts and organizations are often unable to purchase the quantities of Chromebooks they need for their students. The products we've chosen below are meant to be the most available and affordable Chromebook alternatives designed to fill that gap.

Our account managers will provide support and guidance during every step of the rental process. Whether you're looking a single desktop at home, or one-hundred laptops preloaded with software, we're here to help.

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Remote Learning Special

MacBook Air Rentals

MacBook Air

The new, redesigned MacBook Air contains the latest and most innovative technology that Apple has to date. Remote learning special starting at $129 per two months*!
Dell Laptop Rentals

Dell Latitude E7440

With a thin, sleek design; the Dell Latitude E7440 is perfect for portability and performance, starting at $129 per two months*!
Surface Pro Rentals

Surface Pro 4

With a 6th Gen Core i5 Processor, 4GB of RAM, a 128GB SSD, and keyboard included, the Surface Pro 4 is more powerful, yet weighs less, than its predecessor. Starting at $119 per two months*!
iPad Air Rentals

iPad Air

iPad Airs, with an Apple Bluetooth keyboard, have the same power as a standard iPad, but in a smaller form factor. Starting at $89 per two months*!

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*Rates valid only for educational institutions. While supplies last. Two month minimum rental period required. Minimum of (25) units per order, free shipping to one location per order. Sales tax applied where applicable.