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iPhones are the most popular cell phone rentals for conferences and business events nationwide. We offer a variety of iPhone models all the way from the iPhone 5 to the newest iPhone. Our iPhone rental rates are affordable and competitive.

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iPhone X

iPhone X

  • Comes equppied with the latest version of iOS.

  • Perfect for preloading apps, and other event software

  • Available for large quantity rentals for short-term event needs.
  • iPhone XS

    iPhone XS

    • The XS boasts the largest iPhone display available.

    • Comes standard with a depth-control dual-camera system.

    • Has the fastest Face ID and is powered by the most powerful chip of any iPhone.
    iPhone XR

    iPhone XR

    • The iPhone XR has the longest battery life of any iPhone.

    • Comes equipped with Face ID technology

    • Gives you the power to create high-quality photos and 4K videos.
    iPhone 8

    iPhone 8

    • Available with 4.7- or 5.5-inch display.

    • Comes in multiple colors, with different storage capacities (64GB & 256GB).

    • The iPhone 8 offers a touch ID sensor and advanced wireless charging capabilities.
    iPhone 7

    iPhone 7

    • Available with a 4.7-inch Retina HD display and 12MP camera.

    • Available in multiple colors — perfect for event branding and large-quantity rentals.

    • The iPhone 7 can record 4K videos and features optical stabilization for a perfect capture.

    iPhone 7 Plus

    iPhone 7 Plus

    • Comes standard with a 5.5-inch Retina HD display.

    • Offers more camera power than the standard iPhone 7 with a wide-angle telephoto lens and 10x digital zoom.

    • The portable and powerful iPhone ideal for capturing events, or displaying promotional materials.

    iPhone 6s

    iPhone 6s

    • A small and light iphone equipped with an A9 chip and 12MP camera.

    • Comes standard with a 4.7-inch Retina HD display.

    • Available with 32GB or 128GB of storage.

    Our Latest iPhone Rental

    iPhone X Rentals

    iPhone X Rentals

    The Apple iPhone X and XS are the newest models of iPhones. With a new design, the X and XS have excluded the home button making the overall screen bigger. This design competes more with Samasung, who started getting rid of home buttons years ago. As well as a new design, the X's have an advanced new camera with new features and of course a new bionic chip which is routine for new iPhones. We offer short term rentals for the iPhone X, XS, and the XS Max!

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    iPhone Charging Stations and Event Solutions

    Large-Quantity iPhone Rentals

    Rentacomputer.com offers iPhone rentals in large quantities, perfect for large events. Our experienced technology rental agents will discuss your event needs and end goal, and help get you and your team set up with matching phones, even preloaded with the same applications. We also offer a wide selection of iPhone Charging Station rentals for events that require charging for multiple devices.

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    What Makes Rentacomputer Different

    Customized iPhone Rentals

    custom iPhone Rentals
    Rentacomputer offers iPhone Rentals in any quantity with the ability to customize your rental in various ways. Need many phones of a certain color? Done. Have a company logo homescreen wallpaper to upload? No problem. Looking for certain apps on your rental? We can handle that too. We work to make every aspect of your iPhone rental easy and hassle-free.

    Accessory Selection

    iPhone Accessory Rentals
    Rentacomputer.com offers a wide range of rental accessories to accompany your iPhone rental. From the latest Square card reading systems to large iPhone charging towers and other equipment, our technology rental agents work to fully understand your reasons for renting and help you find the right accessories for your event.

    iPhone and Other Mobile Device Rentals

    Samsung Galaxy Smartphone Rentals

    Samsung Galaxy Rentals

    The latest Samsung Galaxy smartphones with Android OS. Great for everything from gaming competitions to business conferences.

    iPhone Rentals

    Rentacomputer.com has a large inventory of Apple smartphones equipped the latest iOS and most advanced features.

    iPod Touch Rentals

    iPod Touch Rentals

    Apple's iOS based all-purpose mobile device that does not use cellular network data.