LG Electronics Rentals

  • LG Projector Rentals

    LG Projector Rentals

    LG Electronics is an industry leader with expertise that encompasses display, storage, imaging, wireless and broadband areas. LG Electronics also offers technology solutions for any possible application, from home entertainment and cinema to business and professional displays.
  • LG HDTV & Display Rentals

    LG makes state-of-the-art plasma displays that feature all the latest innovations. Each of their newest displays can fully utilize internet connection, allowing you to stream video, socially network, use your favorite apps, and customize your dashboard to optimize your usage.
  • LG Monitor Rentals

    With an array of models available, LG monitors are great for all types of applications, home, office or educational. 3D technology and full HD resolutions are great for dynamic displays and presentations while sleek slim designs are perfect for small confined spaces.