Interactive Touchscreen Display Rentals

Interactive Touchscreen Display Rentals

Client Comments:

"Great service. delivered my plasma tv directly to my booth. Also they had a cool stand to make my plasma head level. Made for a much better presentation than using tables like did at the last show." - Zack D. from Dallas
"My plasma rentals really spiced up my trade show booth, and saved me the hassle of purchasing the technology. I highly recommend using Rentacomputer for any temporary technology need." - Tom Johnson from Seattle
"Jessica provided the best service ever for our trade show in Orlando. All the plasma screens and AV equipment arrived on time, the installers went right to work and got everything setup and tested hours before the start of the show. Best yet, after the show was over, the guys show up, disassembled and packed away all the equipment within a half hour after the close of the show. Earliest I ever left a tradeshow after it was over. Congratulations Jessica, you are the best Tech Travel Agent in the World!!!" - Thomas K. from Orlando, Florida
Touch Screen Display Rentals

Touchscreen Displays

With the proliferation of smartphones and tablets pushing touch screens to the forefront, the hands-on interface has gained more popularity. Now HDTVs and signage are following suit with interactive touch screen displays. Easily activated touch functionality allows users to treat the display like most mobile devices by tapping, rotating, dragging, flicking, and using other gestures to have an immersive touch interaction.
Samsung SUR40 for Microsoft Surface

Samsung SUR40 for Microsoft Surface

This innovative 40" HD multi-touch display serves as a centerpiece for multiple users to easily collaborate and interact with digital content and other users. It can be mounted vertically or serve as a table. The SUR40 has a 360-degree user experience, with built-in speakers and the durability to withstand ongoing use.
Touchscreen Display Rentals

Various Sizes

Our touch screen display rentals come in all sizes, ranging from a small 7" personal interactive display to a large 165" interactive video wall. Most can be wall mounted and devices like the SUR40 can even be used as a table. These devices make a great impact at any trade show booth or event.