iPhone 11 RENTALS

Coming soon - rentals of the much anticipated iPhone 11, and iPhone 11 Pro. The iPhone 11 releases in September 2019 and will be available for rental soon afterwards.

Not currently available- try an iPhone X

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iPhone X Rentals

We expect all models of the iPhone 11 will be available Q4 2019

  • The iPhone 11 has the newest and most innovative dual-camera system yet.
  • The iPhone 11 Pro adds a third camera to the with a Telephoto lens for professional portraits and optical zoom.
  • Longest battery life yet- watch up to 17 hours of video on one charge!
  • Choose between the iPhone 11's Liquid Retina HD 6.1" LCD display and the 11 Pro's Super Retina XDR 5.8" and 6.5" OLED displays.
  • Base storage capacity of 64GB, up to 512GB storage available.
  • iPhone 11 models are available to rent daily, weekly, and monthly.
  • iPhone rentals are available in large quantities and with your apps preloaded.

Not Yet Available - Try the iPhone X

Currently Available - iPhone X, XR, and XS rentals

iPhone X Rentals

iPhone X Rentals

The Apple iPhone X and XS are the newest models of iPhones. With a new design, the X and XS have excluded the home button making the overall screen bigger. This design competes more with Samasung, who started getting rid of home buttons years ago. As well as a new design, the X's have an advanced new camera with new features and of course a new bionic chip which is routine for new iPhones. We offer short term rentals for the iPhone X, XS, and the XS Max!

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iPhone Charging Stations and Event Solutions

Large-Quantity iPhone Rentals

Rentacomputer.com offers iPhone rentals in large quantities, perfect for large events. Our experienced technology rental agents will discuss your event needs and end goal, and help get you and your team set up with matching phones, even preloaded with the same applications. We also offer a wide selection of iPhone Charging Station rentals for events that require charging for multiple devices.

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Mobile Device & Radio Rentals

  • iPod Touch Rentals

    iPod Touch Rentals

    Apple's iOS based all-purpose mobile device that does not use cellular network data.

  • Radio Rentals

    Radio Rentals

    Two way radios and Nextel/push to talk radios are great for keeping communication going during big events.

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