UK Computer RENTALS is proud to provide short term technology equipment rentals with local delivery and setup, direct to your office, or to any of our popular venues, hotels, universities, and convention centers in the greater UK metropolitan area. UK, AZ is one of our top service areas for technology rentals.

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Looking for a short term PC or AV rental in UK?

Welcome to, UK!

Our customers all know that a short term UK event rental for a big convention, a big training class, or a big marketing event will save the budget and make life a lot easier for their staff and event planners. So why not make your job easier and let help with your next UK short term Computer, HD monitor, or Office Equipment rental; all with local delivery and setup right at your event or office! To get started just give us a call today at 480-553-9112!

UK Technology Rentals

Popular UK Rental Venues

Rentals Delivered & Shipped To:

  • Business Design Centre, London
  • Nottingham Conference Centre
  • Wales Millennium Centre, Cardiff
  • Edinburgh International Conference Centre
  • Mount Business Centre, Belfast
  • And Many More!

UK Equipment Rental Products


For all your computing needs, we offer a wide range of computers for rent: Desktops, Laptops, Tablets, iPads, Servers and All-In-Ones.


We carry Apple iPads, Android tablets, and Microsoft Surfaces in our rental inventory at competitive and affordable rental rates.


We offer a variety of Audio-Visual equipment for rent: Projectors, Displays, TVs, Video Walls, Touchscreens, Kiosks, Sound Systems, Virtual Reality and Monitors.


We offer virtual reality sets, kiosks, cell phone charging stations, and other event technology rentals for your next event!


We offer Copiers, Printers, Fax Machines and Scanners. Multifunctional floor stand models can do it all, even stapling, sorting and collating.


Mobile devices and internet equipment rentals keep you connected. We offer Smartphones, iPhones, 2-Way Radios, Push To Talk, Aircards and WiFi Hotspots


UK Rental price list*

UK Desktop Rentals $150 Order Now
UK Windows Laptop Rentals $99 Order Now
UK MacBook Pro Laptop Rentals $175 Order Now
UK MacBook Air Rentals $220 Order Now
UK iPad Rentals $79 Order Now
UK Android Tablet Rentals $85 Order Now
UK Microsoft Surface Rentals $209 Order Now
UK Projector Rentals $165 Order Now
UK HD Display Rentals $295 Order Now
UK Monitor Rentals $90 Order Now
UK Video Wall Rentals Get Quote Order Now
UK Ultra HD 4K Display Rentals $1350 Order Now
UK Interactive Touchscreen Display Rentals Get Quote Order Now
UK Multifunctional Copier Rentals $700 Order Now
UK Multifunctional Fax Rentals $120 Order Now
UK Black & White Laser Printer Rentals $175 Order Now
UK Scanner Rentals $120 Order Now
UK Server Rentals $450 Order Now
UK WiFi Hotspot Rentals $250 Order Now
UK Smartphone Rentals $150 Order Now
UK iPhone Rentals $150 Order Now
UK Two Way Radio Rentals $30 Order Now
UK Sound System Rentals $295 Order Now
UK Kiosk Rentals $150 Order Now
UK Podium Rentals $200 Order Now
UK Security Camera Rentals $150 Order Now
*The rental rates above are generalized weekly samples only and are priced in United States Dollars. They do not represent an exact configuration, quantity, or specific delivery location at a specific point in time so they are not exact rental rates. There are several factors that determine exact PC/AV rental rates. The key rental pricing factors include the supply and demand in the specific market, as well as the exact configuration of the equipment requested. If you're interested in a customized rental quote for your next business event please request a quote!