Dell Server Rentals

Are you looking for a short-term rental server for your next event or IT project? Dell servers provide power and flexibility to handle various office workloads without overly complex infrastructure.

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Available Dell Servers for Rent

With performance-boosting artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities, Dell's line of advanced servers provides the computing power you need in a sleek, compact form. And when you rent a Dell server from, you'll get access to that tech at a fraction of the cost of buying it new.
An angled view of a Dell rack server

Dell Rack Server Rentals

Dell rack servers are great if you have limited physical space with which to store servers, since rack servers are typically compact and can be stacked upon one another in order to optimize space. Like Dell's PowerEdge R640, the PowerEdge series of rack servers come in a range of capacities, so if you need a temporary server in a small office space, contact our rental team for a Dell Rack Server Rental.

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A Dell PowerEdge MX740C Blade Server

Dell Blade Server Rentals

IIf you need a server that is simple, sleek and fast, then you should consider a Dell Blade Server Rental. Like the Dell MX740C, Dell not only offers a series of blade servers with varying capacities, but also blade server peripherals such as blade server enclosures and blade interconnects. Enclosures are important for blade server storage and protection, and interconnects are needed for network devices.

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A Dell tower server

Dell Tower Server Rentals

If you or your company requires a range of flexible performance options, then a Dell Tower Server Rental might be an ideal choice. Like the PowerEdge T640 Tower Server, tower servers tend to be more scalable, and offer more network connectivity than smaller rack or blade servers, and usually have higher storage capacities. Depending on your need, our agents can get you the right kind of Dell Tower Server Rental for your data storage needs.

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Rent a Server

When computing demands fluctuate, renting a server can help you maintain business continuity. Rentals are also ideal for events.

Rental Server in Use

Server Rentals for Short-Term IT Projects and Other Business Needs

Servers play a critical role in temporary business operations such as application testing and data center relocation. They can also be useful in simpler applications, like augmenting your existing infrastructure for a particularly demanding video rendering project.

A business might rent a server for many reasons:

  • Large-scale centralized file storage
  • File sharing across a local network of devices 
  • Website or server hosting
  • Allowing users to access internet content directly through the server

We rent the following and more:

  • Cloud servers for cloud migrations
  • Multiterabyte RAID solid-state drive (SSD) storage
  • High-capacity random access memory (RAM) servers
  • Multi-core Intel Xeon processors

Choose between rack-mounted servers and tower configurations to fit your physical space.

When you rent from us, you'll get the servers you need and access to our 24/7 support team. Call us at 888-715-1093 to speak with one of our rental specialists or request a Dell server quote to get started.

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Dell Networking

Dell Networking refers to Dell's line of networking solutions, including switches, routers, and network security products. These products are designed to provide reliable and scalable networking infrastructure for businesses of all sizes. Dell Networking products are known for their high performance, advanced features, and ease of management.

Dell PowerEdge

Dell PowerEdge is Dell's brand for its line of server products. PowerEdge servers are designed to deliver reliable performance, scalability, and flexibility to support various workloads and applications. They are available in different form factors, including tower, rack, and blade servers, and offer features like high compute power, storage capacity, and extensive management capabilities.

Dell PowerSwitch

Dell PowerSwitch is Dell's portfolio of network switches. These switches provide connectivity for local area networks (LANs) and wide area networks (WANs) and are designed to deliver high performance, low latency, and reliable network connectivity. Dell PowerSwitches are available in various configurations, including fixed-port switches, modular switches, and data center switches, to meet different networking requirements.

Dell PowerVault

Dell PowerVault is Dell's range of storage solutions. PowerVault offers a variety of storage options, including direct-attached storage (DAS), network-attached storage (NAS), and storage area network (SAN) solutions. These storage systems are designed to provide efficient and scalable data storage, backup, and recovery capabilities for businesses. PowerVault products are available in different capacities and configurations to meet the diverse storage needs of organizations.

Check Out Our Other Server Rentals!

Have another server solution in mind? Here are some excellent alternatives to Dell server rentals.

A server for storage


Need to boost network performance for an event or other short-term IT project? offers excellent rates on short-term server rentals from industry-leading brands.

A Cisco Catalyst Switch

Switch Rentals

When projects call for an extra level of resiliency, security and programmability, rent an enterprise-grade network switch. Ask your rental agent about our selection of Cisco Catalyst switches.

An HP ProLiant Server

HP Servers

HP servers are robust platforms that offer complete infrastructure to support short-term objectives and growth. We carry a variety of HP servers for rent, including the ProLiant series and the Integrity line.

A Synology Direct Attached Storage device

Storage Solutions

Need extra storage to keep your project moving? has a wide selection of affordable storage solutions, including:

  • Storage Area Network (SAN)
  • Direct Attached Storage (DAS)
  • Network-Attached Storage (NAS)

Nationwide Server Rentals Available

For over 30 years, has specialized in providing technology for temporary business and event needs. Whether a client needs computers, servers, event equipment, office equipment or any other type of technology rental, our agents can obtain the equipment and coordinate all facets of on-site installation. Our agents also specialize in providing event production, staging and support services for businesses and institutions worldwide. has worked with clients in many industries and excels at delivering, setting up and troubleshooting a wide variety of technologies.

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