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Rentacomputer.com is now renting rendering and animation computer server farms

Animation rendering is happing on a large scale today. Rendering and animation computer server farm rentals from Rentacomputer.com is a smart way to add more animation hardware to your project. Renting speeds the process of getting equipment into production, while freeing up capital for other project use.

It costs less to rent than to buy and when your project comes to an end, so does your rental payment.

Entertainment Industry continues to produce widely popular computer generated films such as the Oscar winners Happy Feet, Wallace and Gromit and The Incredibles.

Video: Rendering and animation Server Rental example: Kiwi

Renting Rendering and Animation Computer Servers

Renting Rendering and Animation equipment makes perfect sense for project oriented Animation Studios. The potential to rent massive amounts of processing power for just a project is easy to justify as an economical solution to the production process. Renting will save studios large amounts of capitol as compared to purchasing the technology outright.

Outsource your Render Project with PC Server Rentals

Renting servers for Rendering projects also provides a viable option to outsourcing the Render Project. Renting state of the art servers allows control to be kept in house. Schedules and expectations can be more accurately set with project receiving the appropriate priority because the Animation Studio maintains total control of the raw processing power and therefore the means to complete the project successfully.