Computer Rentals for Virtualization Testing

How a Server Rental Can Move Your IT Department Forward With Virtualization.

virtual computer rentals

In the world of computers Virtualization is still a rather new and abstract term. To summarize the most common concept of computer virtualization all that needs to be understood is that: Virtualization allows for a Single physical resource (such as a server or storage device) to emulate Multiple physical resources.

Though physical or hardware virtualization is the most common, virtualization can be applied to more than just servers and storage devices, it can also be used to emulate software application environments and operating systems as well as entire simulated hardware platforms for which the term is best known.

Server consolidation is one common example of virtualization that is being tested and deployed with increasing frequency all across the country. As hardware advances enable more processing power to be put in one physical server, IT departments are consolidating multiple servers into a single physical unit. This reduces the total cost of ownership and maintenance on the hardware as well as reducing a data centers electric bill.

Virtualization management software enables IT system administrators to monitor and maintain what once were many servers from one common interface. As the virtualized network grows so does the benefit of the management software that centralizes the network support.

Virtualization has also found a home in disaster recovery. Large virtualized servers are commonly used as a hot standby that can immediately take over the workload of multiple physical servers should they experience an outage. For large online applications, or mission critical in house operations, virtualized standby servers can save countless IT man hours and prevent the financial consequences of having a system offline for any amount of time.

Testing and training are also common uses of computer virtualization. With one large physical server an entire class of students can easily be given root access to their own virtual server. This is referred to as a Physical to Virtual transformation as the students private environment in which their operating system runs is simply a virtual emulation of a physical machine. This of course saves both time and money for numerous computer classroom training scenarios.

With a computer rental from your IT department can test these virtualization scenarios and many others for a fraction of the cost that would otherwise be incurred by purchasing the hardware. A computer rental for your virtualization project can help your firm understand the technology, the potential uses, and the potential savings. can supply the latest server technology on a short term rental or even a long term lease. Common server rental hardware includes Dell and HP units with two to four Intel processors in either a dual core or quad core configuration. Larger servers are available as as a full line of storage solutions for data intensive applications.