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Dell desktop rentals from is an excellent choice for your next conference, event, or convention. With our affordable rental rates and the ability to rent daily, weekly, and monthly, a Dell desktop rental is a great decision and deal.

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  • Dell OptiPlex All-in-One Desktop

    Dell OptiPlex All-in-One Desktop Rentals

    Dell's all-in-one desktop, crafted for functionality and flexibility.

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Dell XPS Desktop Rentals

Dell XPS Desktop Rentals

  • Dell XPS desktop computer rentals are available with an average rate of $250.
  • The Dell XPS desktop is a high performance computer with an Intel Core i7 processor and an NVIDIA GTX video card.
  • Dell XPS desktop rentals come with 16 GB of RAM and virtual reality capability.
  • Available to rent daily, weekly, or monthy.
  • Dell XPS rentals can be shipped nationwide.
  • Comes with the latest version of Windows.
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