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Our technology rental specialists offer affordable and reliable networking solutions for when you need to turn an empty space into an office! Call 800-736-8772, text 908-485-8772, or send us an email at, for more details.

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Computer Network Rentals

If you need a computer network rental, you need!

Our technology rental specialists can supply you with a complete network rental that consists of everything from computers to servers and server peripherals, fully connecting your office team to the internet and each other. We can also include in that rental package other office equipment rentals such as printers, copiers and fax machines that you can connect to your network solution. One of our technology rental specialists can be your single point of contact for turning a mere space into a complete working office space.

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Network Device Rentals

  • WiFi hotspot rentals

    Internet Rentals

    In need of internet during your event with no WiFi in the area? We offer aircards & WiFi hotspots to keep you connected with wireless service.

  • Server rentals

    Server Rentals

    Any spec. Any form factor. Any purpose. Storgage, file, database, web, mail, application. Whatever your need, we will build a server for you.

  • Computer rentals

    PC Rentals

    Windows Desktop Computers, Laptop-Tablet Hybrids, iMacs, Mac Minis, and Mac Pros. Whatever your business needs, we'll get it to you.

*For specific information regarding computer rentals, server rentals, laptop rentals or other technology rentals for your disaster recovery plan, visit our homepage, call toll free at 800-736-8772 OR email