File Server RENTALS

A physical file server rental delivered right to your business is a great solution for many short term business IT projects. From application testing, contingency planning, data centre moves, and many more! can supply short term enterprise level systems from Dell, HP, IBM and SUN, fully configured and tested at a fraction of the cost of traditional channels.

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File Server Rentals

When you need a file server rental, you need!

  • Standard server rates average $450 per unit. Prices vary greatly by configuration.
  • File server rentals are available monthly with discounts for multiple month.
  • File servers are custom configured to your exact hardware specification.
  • File server rentals are available in rackmount or blade form factors.
  • File server rentals can be preloaded with qualifying Windows Server, Linux, or SunOS software.
  • File server rentals have 24x7 support with next day parts replacement.
  • File server rentals are available from Dell, HP, IBM, and SUN with nationwide delivery!

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Why Rent a File Server

Renting a file server is a great solution for temporary file storage

Whether you need temporary storage while moving to a new location, migrating from one server to another, performing an in place upgrade of an existing server, need to ease the load on existing servers during a busy time, or simply need immediate storage while waiting for a permanent solution renting a server from is the solution.

File Server Rentals for Virtualization Testing

Expediate Testing

If your company is considering various applications of virtualization and requires temporary technology with which to test possible virtualization solutions, server rentals are an ideal solution for temporary storage needs. For example, if your company is considering various ways to implement server consolidation, minimizing the amount of physical technology needed by linking multiple virtual servers to a single physical one, renting an extra server from Rentacomputer is an easy and cost efficient solution; since having an extra server for a short time would expedite the testing of consolidation solutions.