Philips Display & TV Rentals

  • Philips Display Rental

    Why Get A Philips HDTV Rental?

    Philips HDTV rentals come in series ranging from 3000-7000, where the sizes of the plasmas and number of features ascend with each series class. Philips also has high quality portable televisions, which are great for travel. So whatever your video needs are, our agents can get you the right Philips plasma for your needs.
  • Philips Plasma Television Rental

    Philips Plasma or LCD

    The main difference between LCD and Plasma screens is LCD screens can suffer from motion blue, but in most models at 120HZ or 240HZ this is not a problem. Plasma TV's can display dark's more accurately, but can suffer from "burned in" images. Generally, Plasma Screens are better for televisions larger than 50 inches, but if you're looking for a smaller television, LCD is the way to go.
  • Perfect Pixel HD Rentals

    Perfect Pixel HD Engine

    Philips Plasma TV's utilize technology called Perfect Pixel HD, which is a feature that is designed to offer the best aesthetic quality possible of a given cable or satellite signal, which is often a compressed signal to start with. This technology is capable of optimizing any video signal you might need to utilize.