Computer Leasing

Technology Leasing

Flexible 1 to 5 year Terms: Leasing is longer term than renting. Here are several reasons why your company may want to lease office equipment including computers.

Preserve Bank Credit Lines

Leasing is an opportunity to preserve your credit lines and eliminate credit worries and hassles. The availability of credit today is unknown, but leasing is still an option. Leasing is a more convenient and efficient way to borrow; you're only charged fro what you use, and you don't have to wait for credit from one source to get your equipment from another. Leasing companies are more flexible than banks and more knowledgeable about the equipment you need.

Technological Advantages

Not only is a lease more convenient, there are several technical advantages such as having the latest hardware and software to run your business. Most importantly, Tech Travel Agents have experience with the equipment they are leasing. They can make the right recommendations based on your individual requirements.

Get state of the art computer laptops, desktops, copiers, flat screen displays, file servers, projectors, software and more.

Low or No Down Payment

There are many other advantages a leasing company offers that you can utilize. There are no and low down payment options.

Preserve Capital Budgets

No initial capital expenditure, so your working capital will not suffer. With a lease you always receive new equipment that will be yours at the end of the term for a $1.00 buyout! It's the perfect way to acquire the equipment your business needs without a substantial cash outlay!

You consider these advantages when your business is looking to expand. Leasing is a valuable option, especially in today's economy.

Computer Leasing from

Computer Leases

Desktops, laptops, servers, tablet PCs, and more! can lease equipment to you, regardless of quantity or location. Spread out the upfront cost of purchasing over time to preserve cash flow and satisfy your demand for your equipment now.
Audio-Visual Leasing from

Audio/Visual Leases

Audio/visual equipment can be expensive! Don't be left using old, inferior equipment because you don't have the cash on hand to purchase what you need. can lease projectors, monitors, plasmas, sound systems, lighting systems, staging, pipe & drape, video walls, electronic copyboards, kiosks, cameras, and security cameras!
Server Leasing from

Server Leases

Servers and network devices are crucial to a successful operation. Don't let a small budget or low cash-flow stop you from having the equipment you need to run your business. Lease your next server or technology purchase and see just how affordable a montly payment option can be.

Short term technology rentals

Need a short-term solution?

If you need any kind of technology for less than one year, consider our rental options. We can rent anything from computers, audio-visual technology, and office equipment for any short-term duration. Contact a Tech Travel Agent to get started on a rental quote today.