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Technology Rental Services in British Columbia, Canada

Computer Rentals in British Columbia, Canada

Computer Rentals

Our agents can have Desktops, laptops, servers, tablet PCs, and more delivered right to your British Columbia location! Any type of computer system you need, we can get it to you! With delivery and setup anywhere in British Columbia, can help you accomplish any task.
Audio Visual Rentals in British Columbia, Canada

Audio/Visual Rentals in British Columbia

Everything from projectors, monitors, plasmas, sound systems, lighting systems, staging, pipe & drape, video walls, electronic copyboards, kiosks, cameras, and security cameras can be delivered to your event and set up! has an comprehensive line of audio/visual rental equipment that can serve any temporary need you have.

Office Equipment Rentals in British Columbia, Canada

Office Equipment Rentals

Printers, copiers, fax machines, and anything else your office may need, we have. Setting up a temporary office in British Columbia doesn't have to be a hard task; can assist you with getting the technology you need. We can setup your office when and where you need it, and tear it down when you no longer need it, leaving you time to focus on the more salient aspects of your business.
Wireless Rentals in British Columbia, Canada

Wireless Rentals

Tradeshow internet, Nextel radios, two-way radios, AirCards, and anything else that you need to wirelessly connect to your office, the internet, or both! Whether taking a vacation or planning a conference in British Columbia, can make sure that you always stay connected.

Server Rentals in British Columbia, Canada

Server Rentals

Rack-mounts, Blades, File Servers, Database Servers, switches, routers and any network devices you could need for a server project. Server rentals are a great way to migrate data centers, temporarily increase productivity, or network a temporary office.
Event Technology Rentals in British Columbia, Canada

Event Technology Rentals in British Columbia

If you are holding an important meeting in British Columbia, setting up a training seminar, planning a conference, convention, or tradeshow, let our agents handle all of the logistics of arranging for the technology you need to arrive on time, be setup and ready to go, so that you can focus on your event and making sure it is a success.