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Seguin, Texas, is a picturesque town that marries historical charm with modern amenities. Visitors can immerse themselves in the town's history at landmarks like Sebastopol House and enjoy the great outdoors at parks like Max Starcke Park. For event planners, Seguin offers venues such as the Texas Theater and the Seguin Events Complex. provides top-notch technology solutions for any event in Seguin. With its inviting ambiance and cutting-edge services, Seguin is the perfect place to host your next gathering.

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Our Most Rented Seguin Technology Products

A high speed laptop

Seguin Laptop

No matter what quantity of configuration you need, we can help. We carry a variet of MacBook Pros, MacBook Airs, Microsoft Surface Pros, Chromebooks, MacBooks, windows laptops, and mobile workstations.
A gaming desktop PC with red accent lighting

Seguin Desktop

Mostly used for short-term business projects, Windows desktop rentals are excellent in workplace settings and absolutely for businesses or events in Seguin that require a computer rental for VR or gaming purposes in the form of Windows gaming rigs with RTX capable graphics cards.
An iPad Tablet

Seguin iPad

At, we carry a wide variety of iPads of all versions and models including those the most up to date. If you have any need for an iPad for your event in Seguin, give one of our iPad rental specialists a call and we will find a rental solution for you.

Seguin Mobile Device Rental Products

An Apple iPhone

Seguin Phone

In need of mobile phones for your event? We offer Seguin Android & iOS smartphones for remote point of sales needs, application testing and film production. We offer all of our smartphone rentals with or without cellular data from a variety of carriers.
An Android Tablet

Seguin Tablet

At, we carry the most popular tablets running Android and iOS. If you have a specific need for tablet rentals in Seguin, give one of our PC & AV rental specialists a call and we will find a rental solution for you.
A hand holding a mobile two-way radio

Seguin Radio

For your next event or project get instant communication abilities with our two-way radio rentals! No matter the size of your event or project in Seguin, our two-way radio rentals make communication easy.

Seguin Internet Rental Products

A Freedom Wi-Fi Unit

Seguin Freedom Wi-Fi

If you're looking for a hotspot to cover an unlimited amount of users for your Seguin event or project, then the Freedom Wi-Fi hotspot is what you need!
A Verizon JetPack Mobile Hotspot

Seguin Verizon MiFi

For up to 8 users, the Verizon 4G Jetpack Hotspot will give your Seguin small group great internet connection for your event or project without the long term contracts!
A Wi-Fi Router

Seguin Wi-Fi Router

For your next event or project get wireless connection to the internet for any electronic capable of connecting to Wi-Fi. No matter the size of your event or project in Seguin, our wifi router rentals will keep your devices connected.

Seguin Laptop Rental Products

A laptop with the screen powered on showing the Windows start menu

Seguin Windows Notebook

Windows Notebook rentals are available from all the top manufacturers. With configurations ranging from entry level to the fastest i7 processors on the market. Standard RAM configurations range from 34GB to 32GB. Also featuring a removable SSD ranging from 128GB to 1TB of storage along with 12 hours of battery life.
A Chromebook with the screen powered on and showing the Google home screen

Seguin Chromebook

Chromebook rentals are perfect for both educational and corporate events. Chromebook laptops also offer a high level of security with the Chrome OS operating system. Equipable with 64GB to 256GB of storage along with 8th Gen Intel Core processors Chromebooks are a safe and reliable rental laptop.
An Acer Helios gaming laptop

Seguin Gaming Laptop

High-performance, Acer Helios laptop rentals that contain a graphics cards such as the NVIDIA RTX2080, FHD display, and powerful processors like the Intel i7-9750H 6-Core Processor. Gaming laptops are perfect for gaming events and software development. Be sure to ask about bulk discounts if you're checking for the best value on your gaming laptop rental needs.

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How our low cost and varied technology product rentals and event rentals work in Seguin

Seguin Mobile device Package special rates & Package deals

Need multiple devices rented at once? We're here to help you get all kinds of benefits. Check our current special deals to see if you can save money.

● MacBook Air and Dell Latitude E7440 laptops starting at $129 for two months.
● iPad Airs (with a Bluetooth Keyboard) starting at $89 for two months.
● Surface Pro 4 (with keyboard) tablets starting at $119 for two months!

Minimum of (25) units per order, free shipping to one location per order. Sales tax applied where applicable.

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Computer & Office Equipment Rental services in Seguin

Seguin PC & AV Rental Pricing Factors


If you're considering renting laptops, tablets, iPhones, or any other computers in large quantities, it's important to note that the rental rates for each individual unit on your quote will decrease as the quantity of devices you need to rent increases. In essence, the more devices you rent, the lower the cost per unit will be!


Our services cater to short-term requirements, providing clients with the flexibility to rent computer equipment as needed. Keep in mind that the length of your rental directly impacts the cost – shorter rental periods are initially cheaper, whereas longer rental durations come with reduced fees per device and potential savings in other areas. We offer a comprehensive range of technology rental options in Seguin, including computer rentals, laptop rentals, event engagement technology rentals, remote work rentals, and various other technology rentals.


Our services cater to diverse business needs across the entire United States and Western Europe. If your technology rental requirement falls within or near a major city and is planned in advance, this geographical proximity can contribute to even more cost-effective short-term rentals. recognizes the pivotal role logistics play in delivering exceptional technology services. When time is of the essence and you require rental equipment promptly, it's not solely your sales representative driving the process. Instead, it's a meticulously coordinated nationwide team dedicated to ensuring the success of your event.


Do you need a specific piece of equipment or will any laptop, tablet, or desktop work for you? You can save on costs by opting for broader specifications and less specific requirements in your rental order. Moreover, if you're open to different models or brands of tech, this flexibility can further contribute to your savings.


When you're considering renting desktops, laptops, tablets, smartphones, event technology, or other tech equipment, keep in mind that the more widely available the specific computer or equipment for rental is, the more affordable your rental cost will be.

Lead Time

While we can often accommodate technology rental requests on relatively short notice, reserving your rentals well in advance can lead to cost savings. While laptops, desktops, and tablets are readily available for last-minute rentals, less common or limited-stock tech items such as video walls, specific gaming PCs, and newly introduced equipment require more planning. Book ahead of time and experience rental savings!

Example prices for our short term technology rentals

The rental rates below are generalized weekly samples only. They do not represent an exact configuration, quantity, or specific delivery location at a specific point in time so they are not exact rental rates. There are several factors that determine exact PC/AV rental rates. The key rental pricing factors include the supply and demand in the specific market, as well as the exact configuration of the equipment requested. If you're interested in a customized rental quote for your next business event please request a quote!

Rent Servers and Switches in Seguin

At, we pride ourselves on offering exceptional deals for servers and switches, providing our clients with cost-effective solutions to meet their technological needs. Here's how we ensure you get the best value for your investment:

● Diverse Inventory: We have a wide range of servers and switches from manufacturers such as Dell and HP, as well as switches from top brands like Cisco to suit various requirements and budgets.

● Flexible Rental Terms: We provide customizable rental durations no matter the occasion, accommodating your needs regardless of whether it's for a day, a week, or months.

● Competitive Pricing: Our pricing is highly competitive without compromising on quality or performance.

● Custom Configurations: We offer tailored setups to meet your specific project requirements. Examples include the Dell Poweredge, Dell Powerswitch, Dell Powervault, HPE Proliant, HPE Apollo, Cisco Catalyst 9200 series, 9300 series, 9400 series, and the Cisco Nexus 9000 data center series.

● Expert Support: Our skilled technicians provide technical assistance throughout the rental period.

● Timely Delivery: We ensure prompt delivery, setup, and installation for a hassle-free experience.

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Frequently asked questions about Seguin short term rentals

There are 6 major factors that affect the price of a rental: Quantity, Rental Duration, Location, Lead Time, Technical Specifications, and most importantly, Availability. For more information, check out our Computer Rental Pricing or the above buttons..

The main factor that differentiates us from our competitors is our unmatched level of service and support along the entire process of renting tech. Our agents are here to help you every step of the way.

Yes, along with delivery to office locations, we can deliver or ship directly to your hotel or convention center within a short period.

On request, our certified technicians can set up and tear down all the rental equipment for your event, making it easy and convenient for you. Technicians are available on standby for your event by request.

Best Reasons To Rent:
- Corporate Training

- Business Presentations & Keynotes

- Conventions, Conferences, Trade Shows and Breakout Rooms

- Administering Surveys

- Litigation War Rooms

- Any legitimate temporary business project or event

Worst Reasons To Rent:
- Student renting for college

- Renting to "try it before you buy it"

- Renting because you can't afford to buy it

- Renting for family parties

- Renting tablets or laptops for vacation

- Anything that would fall under a personal rental

We have over 35 years of experience. We've been established since 1987. For more information, read more about's history.

We have offices located throughout the country and can make deliveries and shipments to any location nationwide. For more information, check out our Nationwide Rental Locations.

We have the latest in technology equipment. Shortly after a new technology becomes available to consumers, we can offer it for rental. For more information, check out our Computer & AV Rental Products. If you however wish to check about a specific type of product? Please contact us with the footer below.

We offer flexible rental durations including daily, weekly, and monthly options, tailored to your specific needs. While our expertise lies in fulfilling short-term requirements and event-based rentals, we can offer enticing discounts for extended term commitments. As for the maximum rental period, we are more than happy to accommodate any length of rental that aligns with the demands of your project.

Renting desktops, laptops or other products allows you to get the latest technology delivered directly to your event for a fraction of the cost of purchasing equipment that you will only need for a short term. Since most events will require different things, this allows you to

A qualified business rental with a true short-term need requires 2 years established business history and an identifiable online business presence. If a customer doesn't fall into that category it is most likely considered a personal rental and we can not assist in these cases. For more information check out ourBusiness Rental Requirements's liability ends upon delivery. We hold no responsibility for damage, theft or end-user related issues and require that our customers make sure our equipment is in a secure and safe location. However, damage insurance is available for those situations that are out of your control.

Our turn-around time for our tech delivery is approximately 1-3 business days. Expedited shipping/delivery is available for an additional fee.

All of our machines are tested, cleaned and virus-free. All machines are up to date with a version of the latest OS.

Yes! Equipment may be extended for a duration beyond the original rental period by contacting your Tech Travel Agent. Equipment not returned on time or delayed may result in additional fees.

We only offer business grade commercial professional laserjet printers, inkjets are typically low cost, consumer grade printers.

Yes, we have received the following awards:
- Award of Innovative Excellence - National Computer Rental Association
- Platinum Award for Outstanding Service - International Technology Rental Association
- Award for Innovative Excellence - International Technology Rental Association
- MVP - International Technology Rental Association

Yes. We are members of the following:
- United States Chamber of Commerce
- NFIB National Federation of Independent Businesses
- International Technology Rental Association
- Tech Army Organization
- National Computer Rental Association (name changed in 2005)